Stabbing at Jennings Secondary


Antigua News Room has received reports of a stabbing at the Jennings Secondary School which occurred sometime Wednesday morning.

Allegedly, a 14-year-old stabbed a 16-year-old in his face with what is believed to be a pair of scissors. Both teenagers are second form pupils.

The 16-year-old was transported to the Mt St John Medical Centre (MSJMC) by EMS and was treated for his injuries.

The 14-year-old is in police custody and is assisting them with their investigations.

We will bring more details once they can be confirmed.

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    • What has Jennings Seconday School come to? I am deeply disappointed and saddened by this and other developments over the many years since I last attended that School in 1969. My name is Stanley A. George III and I am from Bolans. I was the first young boy that was not from Jennings to have attended that school in 1966 and I left Antigua to live in St. Croix on March 31, 1969. I did everything in my power to keep from having to leave Antigua but failed. Between Jennings and Bolans schools I don’t know which one I enjoyed more. They both were distinctly unique experiences but I had/have a special affection for Jennings School because of its different setting and it was significantly more academically rigorous. I enjoyed my time there. The first time I went back to Antigua was in January 1979 and I made it a must to go see the School. An old Bolans school classmate, Freeston Paul (Old Saul) and I went to the school and, as it was open, no one else there, we went inside. Almost immediately, tears came to my eyes. I cried. I was very disappointed to see the great disrepair the building had fallen into. I was shocked to see how poorly the building had been cared for. As we moved through the building the tears flowed more freely. Freeston noticed and he felt badly for me and was himself sad, though he said nothing. We went to each of the rooms where my classes were, Forms I, II, and III and I sat in a seat in the general area where my seat would have been in each class. I was so sad to see so many broken windows in the Form I room, much the same in the Form II room, and I was even more sad about the Form III room mainly because it was also the library when I was there and I acquired much of my knowledge there from browsing through books and reading history and literature materials. It was there I learned a lot about the United States and Africa. Words cannot describe the feeling I had in seeing how poorly maintained my beloved Jennings Secondary School was. During my time there there were no fights. If I’m mistaken someone please correct me. I cannot remember one fight that took place in my nearly three years at that school. There certainly would not have been the use of a scissors or knife in any fight, had there even been one fight. The school at the time just lacked a larger and separate library as well as a good and larger playground. But they say we live in a different age. Young people today should focus more on absorbing the education they are being given as well as taking the time and making the effort to educate themselves more, develop a love for learning and knowledge as well as seeking to do service instead of harm to their fellow human beings. I hope the school’s maintenance has been greatly improved since 1979. LONG LIVE THE JENNINGS SECONDARY SCHOOL!!!
      Stanley A. George III, Esq.
      From Bolans, Antigua
      Living in Brooklyn, NY

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