St. Peter MP Asot Michael Condemns Parham Robbery, Supports PM On Keeping Curfew In Place


Member of Parliament for St. Peter Hon. Asot Michael has strongly condemned last week’s armed robbery in Parham.

Michael said at a time when residents are dealing with the Coronavirus, criminal acts only serve to heighten their level of anxiety in the community.

“It is for this reason that I condemn last Thursday’s supermarket robbery in the strongest possible terms. There is absolutely no place in Parham, St. Peter and Antigua & Barbuda for that matter for these nefarious and brazen acts,” Michael said.

The St. Peter MP said he has spoken to the owner, Mr Gyle Griffith, expressing his denunciation of the act and offering support.

Mr Griffith and his staff are still shaken up over the armed masked robbery in which close to $5000 was stolen. Michael said he has asked the business owner to take further measures, including hiring an armed security guard and installing surveillance cameras to protect himself and his business.

The wearing of masks has been made mandatory by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda during the COVID-19 crisis. In light of this, MP Michael is giving full support to a statement by Prime Minister Gaston Browne to keep the curfew in place for security reasons.

“The prime minister has demonstrated yet again that for him people’s safety comes first. I fully support his decision to keep the curfew in place so that people will not use the masks as an excuse to terrorize people at night,” Hon. Michael stated.

He is also supporting a call by the Attorney General Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin for guidelines to be put in place for the wearing of masks.

The St. Peter MP is also calling on anyone with information about the Parham robbery to contact the police.

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  1. people must commit crime if the are starving! This curfew is killing us! Time to open up or the crime going to get much worst! People will steal if the have to look after there family! The government doing nothing to help as they have no money! We need to get this country up and running again! I have four children and I am feeling the pain!

      • Yes them people who sitting pretty and have the money to do so! That is SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE! Gaston, Asot and them have their money and their salary! We have to work! I work in a small bar at night and a restaurant in the day! I haven’t work for weeks and I have 4 children to support! Open the country…..people don’t want to steal but they don’t want to starve either!

  2. If a licensed firearm holder was in the store at the time, and whilst observing this crime in action were to shoot the the masked robber, would that be justified?

    These crimes are going to increase as people feel the pain in their pockets. Is there a way to ‘deputise’ certain firearm licensed people? This way the crooks will know there are people other than the police watching out for their illegal activities.

  3. Sometimes I am of the view that our Attorney General along with police force tends to be a reactive than being a proactive entity. Many times crimes could be prevented or minimized if certain operations are properly thought of, involving the residents in their planning…… Criminals are always thinking outside of the box and they tend to counteract or abuse certain conditions been put in place….. As a result, a cross section of the public, especially persons from the neighbour watch group needs to be involve in the planning so all ideas can be looked at brought on board

  4. The criminals are simply, Coming Home To Roost!

    …the seeds which We sow!
    …nurture, fertilize and nurture;
    …are, the same ones which will grow!
    …and, produce succulent fruits!
    …ain’t, that The Truth!
    …the trees, which We clone!
    …shall, be identical to its parent!
    …this is, horticultural Common Sense!
    …these bold, vile and brazen acts!
    …should not come, as a surprise
    …to politicians, such as Asot!
    …yes, these are the #FACTS!
    …unless, amnesia has set in on him!
    …’cause, History may not be kind!
    …knowing, what folks like Michael,
    …plan, planted, nurtured and left behind!
    …Does, da Posses Come To Mind?
    …Guess Who’re Coming To Dinner?
    …maybe, Covid One Nine
    …No Sah! It’s an embolden Robber!
    …who’re, kin to The Forerunners!
    …from, these Robber Barons aka
    Pied Pipers!
    …and, there Cultural Incubators
    …of, Crooks, Murderers, Criminals
    …so Mr. Politician, you are in denial
    …as, to The Root Cause of these heinous acts
    …I know, that same god being called upon
    …shall be present, at My Trial.
    …and, yours as well.
    …pray, that there’s No Hell.

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