St. Paul farmers fear that lands newly cleared could be land-grab by investors


Farmers in the St. Paul constituency are reportedly enraged and feeling threatened, since large tracts of lands are being cleared in the area, and they fear these are for the benefit of an investor.

They are concerned that, on the cusp of another snap general election, lands are suddenly being cleared east of Liberta, in the Green Hill area north of Fort George, Monks Hill.

Farmers are afraid that they might lose their livelihoods and investment – much of which took years to become fully established – to a purported development.

The United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s Rural East, Sean Bird, is disgusted by the Government’s continued facilitation of such land-grab efforts.

Bird says these investors care nothing about the environment, or the people, and only about their developments getting off the ground.

With this continued wanton land giveaway, Bird says, future generations are being disenfranchised from owning their own “piece of the rock.”

Bird says the Gaston Browne Administration has made a number of reckless deals without as much as a performance clause in these agreements.

He makes specific mention of the YIDA development, and asks why nothing is being done by the Government when Guiana Island is now overrun by bushes and no work has been taking place there for months.

The UPP Candidate says the Party will have to take a second look at some of these agreements once it assumes office.

Meanwhile, the UPP Mobilization Officer, George Wehner, says the area being cleared in St. Paul is very large, and seems to be infringing on lands designated by the National Parks.

Further, Wehner says that farmers who work in the area have not been briefed on what is taking place there. – REAL NEWS

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    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I called it a few days ago. One by one you will see each UPP candidate Grasping at straws and “come out swinging” against mountains they created out of molehills. Gladys Potter, Franz, Marshall etc

      Just watch the trend. I guess this is what the 🐖💄 commanded them to do at their “strategy” meeting 🤣🤣🤣

  1. I realize some of us see no link between who own land how it affect the freedom and survival of any people.

    Since me small me grandmother say land is power and people who have land plenty live like lords and make even politicians walk behind them like dog.

    ALP definitely out to make us landless and poor if we no stop them.

  2. It would appear that many of you do not owned any lands in your island of birth,ANTIGUA. SMH: Do you owned any lands in Antigua? When all of those large areas of lands are owned by foreign entities. There would be none left for the ordinary person looking to purchase a piece.

  3. Article neva say what de clearing de land fah….All ah unnu ah chat bout Land…..unnu hab money fuh buy Land? De land will da ah siddun an as soon as unnu see someting ah gwarn unnu lub run up unnu mout especially when unnu inna opposition. Instead ah unnu talk bout de amount ah concessions investors get unnu talk bout

    • Why Antiguans go to work everyday and have no money to buy land? I tell you why. The business people, hotel owners and all the employers get rich off poor people’s back and pay them survival wages. One day the French Revolution will come, if you know history.

      • But many who complain have money to buy vehicles that at times cost more, and don’t last like the land. Priority wrong

        • Agree. But the banks and auto dealers will quicker give a car loan than a real estate loan. Also where is the available lands to purchase in Antigua. People have been lining up for years to buy lands and always told none available.

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