St Mary’s South sees 94 new voters added – with more transfers pending


SOURCE DAILY OBSERVER: Supervisor of Elections Ian Hughes has revealed that St Mary’s South has seen an increase of nearly 100 more voters since the January 18 general election, as the constituency gears up for the by-election.

Speaking on the Observer AM show, Hughes said that many of the new transfers had registered after November 30 last year—meaning they could not have been added in time for the general election in January.

“This register that we would be using in the by-election would comprise of persons registered from December to August 31, so that number is 94 new registrants; of course, there were persons who have applied throughout that timeframe for a transfer, and they also would have gone through the process of claims and objections,” he said.

The new electoral list has increased from 2,707 from 2,616, accounting also for three persons who have died since the election.

Persons who wish to transfer have until October 9 to visit the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission’s offices in Queen Elizabeth Highway to make the transfer effective.

“Applying for a transfer does not make it automatic; until you come into the office to open the system with your fingerprints, and then we make the transfer process complete, then your name stays where you are,” Hughes explained.

ABEC has contracted auditors Grant Thorton to oversee the ballot paper printing process which is scheduled for October 12.

The October 24 by-election for St Mary’s South is being contested by the United Progressive Party’s Kelvin Simon, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s Dwayne George, the Democratic National Alliance’s Andrew Antonio, and the Missing Link—Voice of the People’s Nigel Bascus.

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  1. If you didn’t vote in the last election for whatever reason you should not be able to vote in this By election … pure rubbish ….. pretty sure some of these people who looking transfers voted in other constituiencies last election are they gonna subtract their votes from what is there … no transfer no new registered voters what so ever

  2. SHUGY CAN’T READ!!! SHUGY REAL DUNCE!! Big “press conference” and SHUGY MADE AN ASSHOLE OF HIMSELF FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!!! Why Mrs. Arrindell didn’t prep him with HER SCRIPT beforehand???? Poor Azara Lavia was so embarassed! Pringle had a hell of a time laughing at shugy dunceniss. shugy WORSE DAN PRINGLE!

    • Think for yourself. This was dictated to you by NERO and you are now regurgitating it here. Anyway, that’s how you ALP dregs make your living.

  3. If ABEC has any teeth or backbone, they needs to investigate these increases immediately.

    Many Antiguans at the last General Election complained VEHEMENTLY about the extra voters that suddenly appeared. People complained about the ABLP government, not only fast-tracking of the illegal immigrants to get passports vote, but also allow the diaspora to fly in and fly back out again once their votes were cast.

    This political MEANDERING by the win- at-all-costs ABLP is illegal, and the newly installed Supervisor of Elections Ian Hughes needs to look a lot DEEPER into this 100 or so voter increases in St Mary’s South.

    How on earth, do you get such an increase in just a few short months since the GE – no way, no how!!!


  4. Let’s resurrect the three dead people who voted in the last election… come and vote. I’m sure there were people who traveled home to vote that won’t be able to come again….and there were those who decided to abstain on January 18th….would certainly come out to vote on October 24th… plus those from the continuous registration who reached 18 years of age in the SMS…

    So tell me…who has most to worry about..Shugy or George?

  5. Mr. Pringle was laughing at shoogie under his breath you could have seen it. Shoogie should take some remedial classes urgently!!!



  6. shoogy like to be with Insane Mas Troupe Mascot in his front line costume, micro shorts and feathers. He wears more feathers than me and I am a real woman.

  7. Bank of Dry Hill

    Don’t have no campaign money to spend on shugy this time around. ABLP is already the government!!!

    DRY HILL Bank lock off de money 💰

  8. It is illegal for your vote to count twice, so if you have already contributed to the general election in another constituency, you shouldn’t be able to jump to another district now and vote again in that same election, that’s called double dipping and cannot be allowed in any election.

    They better get this corrupt Administration under control.
    I would love to see the election laws on this one.

    Antiguans wake up, please 🥺.

    • the CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION aka the Sunshine Government was REJECTED by the PEOPLE of Antigua and Barbuda. JOHN ASHE further EXPOSED them with their greed and love of KICKBACKS!!!!

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