St. Mary’s South MP Meets With Beach Vendors


Member of Parliament for the St. Mary’s South Constituency, the Hon. Samantha Marshall, led a delegation to the Jolly Harbour area today to meet with vendors who were concerned about their beach vending operations.

Accompanying Minister Marshall was Minister of Lands with responsibility for the Development Control Authority (DCA) the Hon. Maria Bird-Browne and Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Charles Fernandez.

MP Marshall and her team listened keenly to the plights of the vendors and noted that at the completion of the dialogue, the vendors, some of whom have been occupying the area for more than 20 years; were assured that they will not be displaced.

She added that Minister Fernandez has committed to continue working along with the vendors in ensuring that the space is made available for them to vend.

“We have already identified bathroom facilities and DCA will assist with the designs of the new vending booths that will be more aesthetically pleasing for the beachfront, as well as storage space for those vendors who rents chairs and umbrellas”, MP Marshall indicated.

Marshall expressed how happy she was to have been able to speak with the vendors and also to have had the full cooperation of her colleague ministers in Minister Bird-Browne and Minister Fernandez.



    • No no….we the voters are the bosses here. We all seem to forget this. They are all public servants. They work for us.

  1. IF THEY WORK FOR US….why you all always begging them?
    Shouldnt they be the ones to ask us how can they be of assistance to “US”

    Shouldnt they be the ones running behind us instead of us running them …

    Samantha had to save face and go prentending she CARES and fake MARIA…..FERNANDEZ IS A HOUSE NIGGA. UNCLE TOM.

  2. The minister is one of the hardest working WOMEN in politics to date before and after her election to office. If she did not have that intervention a lot of her opposition would say “she doesn’t care”. I only hope that when the time approaches for leadership in the party, she doesn’t make the PM push his wife to the forefront by pulling up dirt on her.

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