St. Mary’s South Constituency Prepares for Hotly Contested By-Election


The upcoming St Mary’s South Constituency by-election has garnered attention from pollsters and political analysts.

The candidates include Dwyane George from the Antigua Labour Party, Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon of the United Progressive Party, and Andrew Antonio of the Democratic National Alliance.

Nigel Bascus of the Missing Link-Voice of the People failed to meet the nomination requirements.

Scheduled for Tuesday, the by-election is expected to be closely contested. Pollster Peter Wickham emphasizes its importance, stating that George must outperform his predecessor, Senator Samantha Marshall, to secure victory.

This analysis underscores the election’s significance and its potential far-reaching political implications.

The contest between George, Simon, and Antonio is closely scrutinized by political insiders and analysts due to its potential impact.

Wickham suggests that Simon must replicate his previous performance to retain the constituency’s support, while George faces the challenge of persuading voters to choose differently.

Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon’s previous victory led to the by-election, marked by a 199-vote margin, a significant moment for the United Progressive Party.

A legal dispute over his eligibility necessitated the by-election, triggered by his resignation as the Parliamentary Representative of St Mary’s South, following allegations of failing to resign as a civil servant before his nomination.

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  1. I love how this person has the courage to write this letter and didn’t find the same courage to put his o her name to this

  2. Well we can’t wait fu tomorrow Jah Will guide us though suggy all the way upp me say run way Gaston an e evil people an dem


    Landslide victory for DWAYNE GEORGE and ABLP

    • Eric the Red
      Are you paid for each ridiculous post you make? Your constant tirade is frankly pathetic, you do not declare your methodology, nobody believes you.

  4. We want to know where the $25,000.00 bribe money come from. Everyone here need to get involved. From AG, to GG and Scotland Yard. Where is the transparency? Dwayne George didn’t have that kind a money to just give way just so. Where the money come from? Gaston Browne you so desperate you giving Dwayne George money to bribe voters. Last election you padded certain constituencies to make sure you and your self-enrichment party would stay in power. You were proud to admit to that illegal move. Gaston Browne need to be investigated by the AG and if not this must be sent higher up the chain. Follow the money trail, see who have it and where it came from.

    Bribe money for voters, illegal. Padding constituencies, illegal.

    ABLP living the rich highlife. We lucky to have bread and cheese to eat.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Pensioners not getting paid.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Government workers not getting paid.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Holes in the sidewalks in town waiting to bruk people foot.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Social Security not being paid out.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. We can’t get water steady, not even to shower once a day.
    ABLP living the rich highlife. Nigel Christian family can’t get justice. Who holding the gun?

    Take the bribe money and vote for the candidate who works for the people and the constituency.

    A vote for Dwayne George is another vote for a ABLP self-enrichment politician.

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