St. Lucian man remanded to prison following murder of customs officer



Magistrate Conliffe Clarke has just remanded Delon Johnathan Charlery, who, moments ago, made his first court appearance in St. John’s Magistrates Court for murder.

Police have charged the St. Lucian National for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Zorina Benjamin.

A doctor pronounced the Senior Custom’s Officer dead at her Golden Grove home Monday.

Police say the woman had what appeared to be a bullet wound to her head.

Charlery will return to court March 2, 2022 for committal proceedings.

Attorney Wendel Robinson represented the defendant at the hearing.

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  1. The questions I have are,
    How long has this individual been living in Antigua and is he on a work permit?
    Does the government do any criminal background check on people arriving in Antigua and seeking work permits?
    This is the second non national who has been accused of murdering their companions in the past couple of years.
    Antigua should not be a refuge for criminals and murderers from other countries. The government needs to do more to keep out our countries’ criminals.

    • U sound so dunce. He min dey wid one whole frigging customs officer and not just some low level one that check ya barrel dey habour. Ya nah lib wid dem fu know wha happen behind closed door but here u are with ya xenaphobic shyte. Ah man and owman story wtf givernment haffu do wid dis. She know who she min dey ah lie down wid

      • You sound like an ignorant non national. People like you should not be allowed in Antigua. You seem to think that because they were in a relationship he has a right to murder her. I will say again, before anyone is given a work permit, there should be a police record check. We do not need to be importing other people’s criminals into Antigua. Anyone who would murder, especially one they were in a relationship with, is a low life criminal.

        • Born and raised Antiguan Janie boo and she know who min dey ah lie down wid word on the street is he ah one bum and was a woman beater living off her sorry she died but she knew what have.

  2. When in God’s name are we going to resume executing “convicted” killers? 1735 has no room for these low lifes. We must not execute “alleged” killers, of course, but those who are convicted need to be hung by the neck until dead, according to our own laws now on the books. It’s time to get serious about this. An eye for an eye, a life for a life.

  3. Word on the street is that this guy is a low-life with no ambition, no job and nothing going on goal-wise. Dem say “jumbee know who fu fryken “

    • Those type of men can be a danger to any woman they are involved with. Once the woman decides to leave the relationship their life could be in danger. Women should choose their companions carefully and not just fall for a pretty face.

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