St Lucia sees 41 new cases of COVID-19, records 11th death

Covid-19 coronavirus binding to human cell, conceptual computer illustration. SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (previously 2019-nCoV) binding to an ACE2 receptor on a human cell (not to scale). SARS-CoV-2 causes the respiratory infection Covid-19, which can lead to fatal pneumonia. ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) is a membrane-bound aminopeptidase, the key host receptor for the spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 which serves as initial step in the development of coronavirus infection on a cellular level and a potential target for treatment strategy.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness in St. Lucia has received confirmation of 40 new cases of COVID-19 from the Ezra Long Laboratory.

Confirmation was also received of the recovery of eight cases of COVID-19.

This brings the total number of active cases in country to 373.

One of the active cases remains in critical care and the others are all stable.

The new cases now bring the total number of cases diagnosed in country to date is 810.

All of the 40 cases are Saint Lucian nationals who range in age from 12 years to 85 years.

They are from the Anse La Raye, Micoud, Castries, Choiseul, Gros-Islet, Vieux-Fort, Dennery and Babonneau districts.

All of these individuals were seen at community-based respiratory clinics where they were assessed and tested for COVID-19.

As per protocol, they were placed in quarantine by health practitioners while awaiting their COVID-19 test results.

Arrangements have since been made to place these individuals into isolation.

The contact tracing team is presently undertaking investigations to identify the contacts of these confirmed cases.

The Ministry of Health also reports confirmation of Saint Lucia’s 11th COVID-19 related death.

The individual is a 44-year-old man from the Castries district with underlying
medical conditions.

He was admitted into care on Jan. 19, at the Victoria Hospital and passed away on Jan. 22.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is experiencing delays in issuing COVID-19 results within the usual turn-around time.

This is as a result of high demand for testing that is currently being required.

Measures are currently being put in place to remedy this issue.

In the interim, the Ministry of Health is requesting the patience of individuals awaiting COVID-19 test results and asks that all remain in quarantine until results are given.

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  1. True transparency. Keep up the good work and keep your citizens safe👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

      • Guy when you exclude the tests of tourists that our neighbors are doing, we are on par in terms of testing locals. Let me also echo PAHO’s sentiment that testing had led many countries to a false sense of security. One needs only look at what happened in BDS and SVN to see they let down their guard and along came covid. BVI if it continues with similar protocols to SVN (recommended not mandatory masks wearing in public, no curfew) will soon see a surge

        • Just let in tourists from high COVID areas and areas with the more infectious new variant without testing them and without quarantining them?

          How could that possibly be okay with you or any one else who lives in Antigua?

  2. Kudos to St Lucia.

    I hope they lock down their country for a month and her down to zero cases.


  3. It is ironic that people are sending congratulatory comments to St Lucia when in the first place it is the outright negligence of persons there why they are seeing an escalation in cases. One can only hope that amidst the congratulatory comments you folks are on top with the required protocols.

    • Everywhere that has been greedy and reckless with lives like many Caribbean islands and the US and UK

      And there is an escalation in Antigua.

      The difference is Antigua is not testing enough and hiding cases on purpose.

      At least St Lucia is being forthcoming and trying to deal with the problem n head on.

      • As a RESPONSIBLE citizen, you ought to submit PROOF of “hiding cases on purpose” to the media. You’re posting on ANR so why not produce EVIDENCE of your claims to them so that they can undertake journalistic integrity actions and report to the public.

        You owe it to your conscience and your fellow human beings.

        • Dem nah not a phucking piece of proof numbers ah hide. Dem just a one key board ganster wid to much time pan dem blasted had dat pub fu tear down dem land of dem birth.

        • It’s because you don’t want to or are paid not to.

          Every single person that lives on this island should be furious at how this government has mismanaged this pandemic.

          All of your lives are at risk. All of your loved ones are at risk.

          It makes ZERO sense to let in everybody and anybody during a pandemic with essentially no screening whatsoever.

          Diseased tourists are allowed to interact with you and yours without being tested or quarantined at the supermarket, at the hotel, on the city streets, in the post office, in the pharmacy.

          Just madness. Absolute incompetence.

          • @if you can’t….one of the reasons St Lucia has seen an increase is due to a major party that was held over the Christmas. As much as you have lost faith in the government such activity on a grand scale remains in check.

          • Don’t waste your time they’re still in the Massa era they sit down and play dead and allow people to gamble with their very lives . Even if you wear mask night and day the protocols s joke .

  4. The first barrier of protection is at the borders.

    That’s where you stop COVID by not allowing it in, in the first place. Government has failed to do this.

    Second barrier to COVID is sending strong message to public about seriousness of pandemic and how at risk every country is. Government failed to do this. For months the health minister downplayed the pandemic and repeatedly falsely claimed the island was COVID free with no community spread.

    If the government is not taking it seriously why would the local people?

    This is exactly why we are in this terrible position at the moment.

  5. Answer to covid biting mosqutio I wear my mask whenever I’m at work or if I am going out. I wash my hands and sanatize and I tap ah my yard when there is no need fu me to go out. @ the long winded r@$$hole where is the evidenve the nbers are being hidden. You write all this bs but up to now cant produce the evidence. Hope the opposition parties pay you well and give u one band aid fu ya fingers.

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