ST. LUCIA- Police kill suspect in alleged rape of 105 year old woman


A man who reportedly raped and sodomised at 105 year old woman, was killed by the police on Saturday.
The police report that the suspect, Miguel Edward, also known as Mad Max, was killed around 12pm (local time).

Edward, who reportedly attacked the woman at her home earlier in the day, was killed as he attempted to flee to Martinique .

The police say he was about to board a boat and was fatally shot when he pulled a weapon on the law enforcement personnel.

The police say Edward, was “a menace” and had been in and out of jail on several occasions.



  1. So why this man was not put away in a facility to get help as described by the authority, he needed some serious psychiatric help indeed.

      • I do not even believe he did from the tone of the entire situation. They were just sick of his conduct on raping the old lady. This is what I think but I could certainly be wrong as I was not there.

        But I also infer this man had mental issues and needed help but because it is a small island they do not have the resource to help or simply wasted money on other unnecessary instead of healthcare that includes mental health.

        This does not justify the horrible, and evil thing this 105 year old lady is stated to have experienced. I am sorry, i truly have no words way to take away that experience from her mind and body.

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