St. Lucia PM Says He Will Support New Regional Airline


St. Lucian will support new regional airline, if one is to emerge from the dissolution of LIAT, Prime Minister Allan Chastenet has said.

“If the airline has a very well selected board; a board that understands business, particularly aviation and one the company is allowed to make all the necessary business decisions and we are not just going to be a shareholder attending a meeting. If we see the executive not doing a good job and the executive can be fired, then St Lucia will support such a venture,” he said, returning to a position he has held for many years.

The St Lucia prime minister noted that there are some territories – Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines for example – which depend on islands such as St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados for their link to the international routes but determining the types of aircraft that is best suited for these routes is critically important. “There are some hard economic rules that must be followed and observed,” he stated.