ST. LUCIA- Government calls for “fresh and fair” elections in Venezuela


The Allen Chastanet led administration has pointed to the need for Venezuela to have fresh and fair elections .

In a statement on Thursday, the government said that due to the escalating sitution in the South American nation, St, Lucia has seen an influx of arms and drugs from Venezuela as well as the illegal entry of Venezuelan natoinals.

“The people of Venezuela must be allowed to decide their own future in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter – non-intervention, non-interference, prohibition of the threat or use of force, respect for the rule of law, human rights and democracy,” the statement said.

It added that in order for the objective to be attained – “there has to be a meaningful and internal dialogue between the contending parties. This dialogue must determine how best the crisis can be resolved within the confines of the constitution and the rule of law, whether by referendum, elections or any other agreed mechanism. Nothing short of this will lead to the quelling of this crisis or provide the relief that all Venezuelans desire.”

The government also made reference to a statement made earlier this year at the   Special Meeting of the OAS Permanent Council, in which St. Lucia urged Venezuela to “please come back into the fold; back to the principles that ensure openness and democracy; and back to the table with your friends.”

“Based on S  Lucia’s known position on the issue of the May 2018 election, and the statements by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) St Lucia has hoped that that the current regime would move towards fresh and fair elections to solve this crisis,” the statement continued. 

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  1. Whilst I welcome the call by PM Chastanet for “Fresh, Free & Fair” elections in Venezuela, it again highlight just how fragmented the regional body Caricom is. Everyone now seem to be coming out with their own position and in the past no one had the guts to say that the situation warrants immediate action even if it means going back to the polls in order to lend legitimacy to the government. The stance of the regional body of non-intervention, non-interference has causes this matter to drag out more and more and the plight of the Venezuelans becoming more and more desperate.

    The migration of Venezuelans to many of the Southern Caribbean islands is fast becoming a burden for them with drugs and violence seeping into their borders. I think that it was only a matter of time that regional leaders come to the realization that their wait and see stance and their non-intervention, non-interference position is not helping the ordinary Venezuelan.

    The reality is, going forward, Maduro will never be a factor in the Venezuelan affairs. Caricom and others need to get him to accept this. He might be able to save some face and live fairly peaceful and comfortable if he agrees to go and accept asylum in some country that is willing to take him and his army of followers. Caricom cannot continue to protect one man whilst a nation of people suffers. It is time that Caricom calls on Maduro to go so that Venezuela can breathe and call fresh elections.

    I therefore salute the Prime Minister of St. Lucia on his bold move and I call on Caricom to follow suit.

  2. This OECS thing is ridiculous
    1 They met in Skb
    2 They agree on a position
    3 They make their position public
    4 They chose a representative to address the US to make their position known.

    Then hold your seats each LEADER who left the meeting with a certain accord starts making their own statements.

    What a bunch of Jokers

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