St. Kitts Police release names of deceased Africans

Surviving passengers/ Photo contributed

Authorities in St. Kitts and Nevis have released the names of the three Cameroonians whose bodies were recovered after the March 27 boat tragedy.

The two males were identified as Derick Anga Azia and Verdo Mofor, while the deceased woman was named as Zeta Bertrand.

Autopsies were conducted on April 19 for the men and April 21 for the woman, and the cause of death in each case was determined to be drowning.

No official source in Antigua and Barbuda or St. Kitts and Nevis has yet published the names of the people who remain missing and are presumed dead.

The incident involved 32 people, including two Antiguan and Barbudans, who boarded a stolen fishing vessel in an attempt to reach the US Virgin Islands.

The boat capsized, and although survivors reported being adrift until the early hours of the next morning, more than a dozen people were never recovered.

The remaining passengers were believed to be Cameroonian migrants who were stranded in Antigua and Barbuda after a controversial charter flight operation between Antigua and Nigeria was launched, which had government backing before being halted on January 26.

Those who were rescued are currently being sheltered in St. Kitts and Nevis, while some relatives from as far away as Africa and Europe are still attempting to verify the status of their loved ones.

It is a tragic event, and addressing the underlying causes of migration such as poverty, conflict, and lack of opportunities, is critical to preventing future tragedies.


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  1. Wait, didn’t the immigration official Ms Yearwood clarified her previous comment by say ” it was 3 males that are deceased”and that “one of the males looked a little more feminine.” She insisted it was NOT 2 males and 1 female. Imagine, in an official press briefing she doesn’t have correct information. How does these incompetent individuals become the top ranking officials of anything? 😲😲

    • I also watched Katrina Yearwood’s horror show at that meeting. Her brief was atrocious, she looked totally lost and out of place, and she did highlight it was three males that had died.

      I said it once, I said it twice, and went on to mention this thrice … THAT NEPOTISM DOESN’T WORK IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR.


      • I paid much attention to “a lying tongue is an Abomination.” My mother used to say three trades walks together, a liar, a thief, and a whore.

        You should buy yourself some integrity, Sidelines.

        At 9:24 is the immigration chief’s “point of clarity.”

  2. My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Derick Anga Azia; Verdo Mofa and Zeta Bertrand whose lives were needlessly lost.

    On behalf of the three deceased (and also unaccounted missing at sea) there has to be an independent investigation, not only why they arrived in Antigua & Barbuda under suspicious circumstances, but also why the ABLP government told us that the Africans that came were “wealthy” tourist.

    These deaths and the INVOLVEMENT of our government must be thoroughly and INDEPENDENTLY investigated.

    • We do not need the Governor General’s say so, or come to that, the Prime Minister’s, simply because he’s only going to want cover his and the government’s back.


  3. Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Sad that the situations they faced made them feel the need to take this kind of risk. One hopes that otbers would be more aware of the dangers. Expect residents of A&B will remember of where we came and do what they can to ensure these new residents feel more welcomed. Those who wish to stay, join us in helping to move A&B to the next level

    • @Cornel Hughes…you are the biggest ass kisser. Aren’t you ashamed to let your wife and kids see how you grovel and kiss ass to be in Gaston favor.
      It’s no wonder, your lips are beginning to look like a 🐽 pig snout.

    • Next level in A&B??
      1. Community Health centers closed for lack of repairs and maintenence.
      2. Cancer center closed, Govt will now incurr more expenses to send patients abroad for treatment.
      3. Six months wait for ultra sound and other medical tests at SLBMC
      4. All Saints Police Station closed for well over 1 year, while we pay rent for private facilities
      5. No liquid reserves at Social Security. Months behind in payment of many short term benefits. So bankrupt, SS cannot even afford to maintain their own building, forced to waste contributors money to pay rent.
      6. Not to mention the massive US$28,000 weekly payment to maintain the Alfa Nero. When will A&B, CIP funds ever be put to tangible capital projects, and give something to show like in other Caribbean countries?
      7. We are so delusional here in A&B. An economic powerhouse, with very weak Govt. financial resources?

  4. Nicky investigative journalist was searching so long for these names. Now she can finally stop asking Mr. Hurst for them

    • Show some respect for the dear departed @ From The Sideline – I note that you’re recently showing a NASTY and VINDICTIVE side of yourself.

      To tell you the truth buddy, I’m surprised!

      I expect this from uncouth people like @ Curious, but not you … WHAT’S HAPPENED?

    • Thanks to St.Kitts Police for publishing their names. Li-no-hel Wurst had not one damn thing to do with this information.St.Kitts Police,release the names of the 2 Antiguans in your custody.So we the people would know.Who they are also their relatives.

  5. Can some one please tell the authorities in St Kitts that there was absolutely nothing controversial about the flights. Government officials and other persons in high places knew exactly what was taking place. As their trafficking scheme did not go as planned they are now trying to pretend everyone including themselves were victims of a scheme. NUTTEN TARL GO SO.

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