St. Kitts-Nevis GG says he has no power to remove PM Timothy Harris


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  1. My other home, SKN due to family connections and movement that was facilitated by the leeward island police force. Have to wonder why the SKN GG would think he does not have the power outlined in sect 52 of their constitution:

    (1) There shall be a Prime Minister of Saint Christopher and Nevis who shall be appointed by the Governor-General.
    (2) Whenever the Governor-General has occasion to appoint a Prime Minister he or she shall appoint a Representative who appears to him or her likely to command the support of the majority of the Representatives.
    (6) The Governor-General shall remove the Prime Minister from office if a resolution of no confidence in the Government is passed by the National Assembly and the Prime Minister does not within three days either resign from his or her office or advise the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament.

    This is one of the checks of power of a PM. Timothy Harris starting to remind me of Baldwin Spencer who during his last chapter as PM was afraid of our laws (many judgements against him for breeching the law) and the electorate. Recall his acolyte like Chaku suggesting as a law maker they were not subjected to law (eg they bigger than a judge). Harris has no legal basis for continuing as PM since he does not have the support of the majority of representatives. I read 52(2) and 52(6) and separate (can stand on their own)

    • How can six ministers count as a majority? The GG is a ceremonial figurehead for independent nations and does not enact policy. There might be amendments to the constitution. People elected to serve should act professionally and leave their petite grievance at home. The constituents should be mindful of their actions and vote them out, Harris as well if that’s their will.

      • Boss even at times the professor needs schooling. They have only 11 constituencies (St Christopher #1 – #8 and Nevis #9 – #11) and clearly you can’t count (perhaps an eye sight issue), its 7 elected MP’s who signed

        • @Adjunct Professor -Boss even at times the professor needs schooling. They have only 11 constituencies (St Christopher #1 – #8 and Nevis #9 – #11) and clearly you can’t count (perhaps an eye sight issue), its 7 elected MP’s who signed

    • TENMAN I cannot believe you have written such rubbish. The GG of St. Kitts Tapley Seaton is a QC and he would know more than many whether he has the power to remove the Prime Minister. The GG cannot remove the Prime Minister unless a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister is successful in Parliament. If the Prime Minister does not immediately move to a dissolution of Parliament and the triggering of new elections, then the GG would have to inquire who among the members of Parliament commands a majority support. The member who commands the majority support of the members of Parliament would then be sworn in as Prime Minister. It is as simple as that and that is the Constitutional requirement.

      • @Tabor- Have to tell you I find it interesting you would note the importance of the GG being a QC yet watch you in the past make a fool of yourself arguing with QC Watt. Guy you well know the PM there will not be calling parliament . The GG made clear when he received the letter that he would seek legal advice. Want to bet the advice came from the attorney General? How much times Justin Simon got it wrong? Watch him lose again at the Privy Counsel

        • TENMAN what really is your point. Gerry Watt was not right with the exchanges that we had and does being a QC means that you are infallible. Your argument is so infantile. If Prime Minister Harris does not call Parliament it is simply to protect his tenure in office. The point is the GG cannot unilaterally remove him unless he loses a vote of no confidence and refuses to resign. The GG will then ascertain who commands the majority in the Parliament to appoint a new Prime Minister. If pM Harris sees that events are moving towards a no confidence he can simply dissolve Parliament and go to the polls.

    • Your comment bringing Chaku and the former Antiguan PM Baldwin detracts from your argument.

  2. Tenman: Cannot wait to see Gaston Browne,your Siamese Brother being kicked out of Office on his rear.

    • @WHARF RAT hope you not holding your breathe because I suspect death will come to you first before GB is removed from office. Fact is he will leave when he feels its time for someone else in the party to take the helm.

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