St. Kitts is sending the Africans back to Antigua


Survivors of last week’s migrant boat tragedy – including two Antiguans – look set to be returned to Antigua from St Kitts within days.

No charges have been laid against those suspected of organising the doomed voyage, St Kitts police have confirmed to Observer.

Just three bodies out of a suspected 16 people killed have been recovered to date. Thirteen more people remain missing and are presumed dead.

Fishing vessel La Belle Michelle was badly overcrowded with around 30 Cameroonian migrants and two Antiguans when it capsized in St Kitts waters, en route from Antigua to the US Virgin Islands, on March 28.

One of the Antiguans questioned by St Kitts police has since been released to his mother, a Kittitian residing on the neighbouring island, sources say.

The three bodies are currently awaiting autopsies, police added.

Authorities in Antigua and Barbuda, along with Guadeloupe where La Belle Michelle was registered, are investigating the incident.

Antigua and Barbuda police spokesman Inspector Frankie Thomas told Observer the matter was being investigated by several agencies.

“We all have our part to play and we are doing what we need to do on our end,” he added. (SOURCE: Observer by Newsco)

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  1. The world will now be watching this new development closely, and awaiting the response – and results – from the “Honourable” Gaston Browne MP.

    Where will he put them up? Has he thought about the obvious repercussions?

    And more importantly, does he have enough room in his house(s) to look after them? I hope so …

    Over to you “Honourable” Gaston Browne, sir!

  2. Coming back to Antigua means no one will be held accountable. If the people at the top of this organized human trafficking/smuggling and the African won’t be prosecuted, then it’s only fair that no one gets prosecuted. That’s my opinion — Why should it be, that the little man are the only ones who pays a price for committing crimes?

  3. St. Kitts/Nevis looking to wash their hands quickly of this. It’s an Antiguan issue and they want Antigua to deal with it.

  4. It’s a wow no pity for the dead. So they can’t continue their journey for the sake of the lost ones?

  5. Condolences to the families that lost the loved ones.

    Those ‘ agencies ‘ that are investigating wouldn’t happen to be the same agencies that knew nothing about 4 aircraft’s landing here???? What a s*** show this is!!!

  6. The situation with Gaston migrants is escalating beyond the point of madness.

    Why should Antigua receive those Africans back into Antigua? They are not Antiguan nationals, therefore, St Kitts should return them to their homeland, which Antigua is not, unless ALP has issued them with Antiguan passport.

    Why has the Minister responsible for immigration has not let the Kittian government know that Antigua is not prepared to receive them back onto our shores?

    It is high time that ALP stop dragging its feet with this matter , round them all up, including the crooked Nigerian employee who is based at the Ministry of Argiculture and return them back to their shores.

    • Let them. Hopefully, they reach their destination next time. America have the resources to deal with them ; and those with fake passports will be deported back to Africa.

  7. St Kitts is doing the right thing act quickly and decisively. Limit any opportunities for complications with any international agreement.
    Antigua must now take responsibility for Gaston Migrants.
    Well done St Kitts.

  8. Are they returning to the once vacated residences where they lives prior to their ill fated sea voyage? Or, are they returning to a UNHCR/IOM Refugee Centre where they and the ones who did not take the trip are monitored so they don’t go to sea again?

    Where will they be living? Who is giving them upkeep? ????? ????

    • There is a lady on Pointe FM who seems to like them a lot. She knows that UPP doesn’t like the Africans. She had them doing chores for her so she can put them up at her hotel and they can work on her farm.
      The question is why is Gaston so eager to take them back? Once back in Antigua, case close. No investigation.

  9. St Kitts people are not stupid.
    You hear Gaston?
    The government of St. Kitts has to give an account as to how each dollar of their taxpayers money is spent.
    They cannot be DUPED.

  10. I heard that one more boat loads of Africans have left since the tragedy. That more has been arranged and the stakes has risen from 5,000. 00 USD per head to 7,000.00. Also heard that others have been planned for over the holiday weekend. They are still leaving and will do so on anything that floats.
    It has absolutely nothing how they have been treated in Antigua. They are saying that their only aim is to get to the USA. That they will not be able to assist their families that sacrifice everything they have to get them out of danger. They have to work and support their, parents, their spouses, their children and families. They are grateful for the hospitality shown in Antigua but a man has to do what he has to do.

  11. Dead men tell no tales.
    Without proof that the two Antiguans were the boat pilots, they will have to be released with the Africans. They could simply be Antiguan opportunists seeking a ride to St. Maartin.

  12. Related to that boat, the capsized boat appeared on the east coast of Puerto Rico today, Monday, April 10, and the body of a woman under the boat.

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