St. John’s Police Station unfit for resident officers; deFreitas calls on CBH to investigate

St John's Police Station

Officers posted to the St. John’s Police Station reportedly are struggling to cope with unsanitary and unsatisfactory living conditions there, and a political candidate is calling for an intervention from the public-health authorities.

A section of the station is utilized as accommodation for some police officers.  But while the area housing the holding cells and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was recently refurbished, the living quarters upstairs are reportedly in urgent need of repairs.

On the weekend, an officer leaked photos showing the condition of the living area, with its old-fashioned beds and what could be described as “nasty” bathroom facilities.

Among a number of poor-hygiene issues that plague the station, officers reportedly are reduced to using drums for water storage, since pipe-borne water rarely runs at the St. John’s facility.

Further, the metal ironing board on which the officers are expected to press their uniforms is said to have neither cover nor padding.

Decrying the conditions under which these law-enforcement officers are forced to live is Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City South.

DeFreitas says the Central Board of Health should urgently look into the living conditions at the St. John’s Police Station. — REAL NEWS

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  1. 1 The Officers should buy their own ironing board.

    2 The Officers should purchase their own bed.

    3 Water is an issue on the island residents must rely on personal water storage.

    4 The resident officers should come together and repair the bathroom facility at once. HELP YOUR S3LF AND STOP COMPLAINING

    What is the monthly cost to stay in the police barracks?

    Are these resident officers paid the same wage as those who pay mortgages and rent? ADVANTAGE

    If it is that horrible move out, they have a choice.

  2. It is commendable that someone is looking into the interest of police officers at the St. John’s Police Station and any shortcomings in their living conditions needs to be addressed.

    However, I am equally concerned that the goodly Franz deFreitas and all others of his ilk have never found it proper to address the question of a convicted pedophile in the person of Ian “Magic” Hughes being a spokesperson for the UPP. This is not a situation where he has been charged and exonerated. He was charged, convicted, and served time for sexual crimes against a minor, someone that could have been his daughter! The members of the party not only turn a blind eye to the optics of that, but have embraced a pedophile and given him a pen and microphone speak on behalf of the party. It is troubling because it demonstrates that the UPP is interested in political expediency and not in justice. It is a burning shame!

    • The PEDOPHILE is warmly embraced by Missa Knight and Gisele Isaac. Lovell fraid de two a dem, so of course the PEDOPHILE will be allowed to pappyshow them front and centre. I reckon none of them have any teenage daughters/nieces/godchildren

    • Wash an’ Basin
      Stick with the issues of the unsanitary conditions at the police station. The government comprise of a wotless set of people as we say in Antigua. This is why they maintain nothing. They find money for what they want like flying all over the world and collecting their per diem. Anyway I am not sorry how these officers are treated as some of them are too political.

      • Errrrmmmmmm…. No! You don’t get to determine the issues I speak about. It is hypocritical for the UPP, led by Harold Lovell to be speaking about the ills in society, but embraces a CONVICTED pedophile. I will hold them accountable. It’s your business if you choose not to.

      • Funny about UPP supporters is when you call them out on their hypocrisy they will say its not the messenger its the message. Flip the script and make it coming from ALP and its another story. Ian “Magic” Hughes is a convicted sex offender he nah have nun say. It like saying it cool to let R. Kelly to be a leader of a Brownies and Girl Guides group. You UPP supporters especially the chairwoman are a bunch of hypocrites.

  3. so u mean to tell me an officer cant use $20 dollars and go chiney and buy a ironboard padding?
    what is going on in 268?
    Every police station in Antigua have ppl living in dem.
    is so wutliss dem be that they cant clean up after themselves,this is sick!!!

  4. No need for policemen to be living in no barracks anymore….now-a-days everybody has a car or can afford to catch a bus unlike the old times past.

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