Squatters in Pigotts given deadline to move



It has been brought to the attention of the Development Control Authority (DCA) that a number of dwelling structures are being erected on Crown lands in Pigotts West – Registration Section: West Central, Block: 11-2092B, Parcels: 73 and 254. There is also illegal backfilling taking place there as well.

The structures are being erected without permission from the relevant authorities, to include DCA and the Lands Division.

These structures are being erected in an area that is prone to flooding and is a natural water course during times of heavy rain; and so the backfilling is likely to exacerbate the flooding issues.

The DCA served Enforcement Notices to the owners to remove their structures and to date they have failed to do so.

Please note that if these structures are not removed by 12th January 2022, the DCA will make arrangements to have the structures removed.


Frederick Southwell

Chief Town and Country Planner

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  1. DCA….How on earth did the giant monster of a warehouse get approval for Old Parham Rd? The thing a black breeze and hazardous to the eyesight. Reminds me of the Can’t Park at east bus station. If I lived in that area I’d be raising hell over the big tub of 💩
    It does NOT belong there!!!!

  2. I bet a lot of these squatters are non nationals. Have the squatters in Perry Bay moved out yet? Some people in Antigua don’t have to follow the laws as they thing the politicians are beholden to them.

  3. Are those people in Pigotts Village,Nationals? Do not move those structures.Look at what those Non Nationals did at Perry Bay,Grays Farm.They are still there to this day.Crown lands belong to the people of Antigua and Barbuda.If we the People bought those lands with our damn monies.We paid the Bank back for those lands.Why the hell are they referred to as Crown Lands.Like I did say,none of you Nationals should move.The Crown in my opinion is the Queen.She and her Heirs do not own one grain of sand inna Antigua and Barbuda.

  4. Let the people live in peace! What if they have nowhere else to go??? What if they lost their jobs and were evicted???

    The land is sitting there doing nothing do have a heart please!

  5. Why are we being so ignorant? The most important point is they are on dangerous grounds prone to flooding. I’m quite sure you nationals know exactly the consequences of flooding in that area. Not everything you have to be negative about.

  6. Why are we being so negative? The most important point is that they are on dangerous grounds prone to flooding.I am quite sure you nationals know exactly what the consequences of flooding in that area is. We don’t have to be negative about everything.

  7. Is this the area we go to after every hurricane to watch them float around the house roofs in boats? If it is then they must really be in a bad area cause the people that live there legally get flooded. Then again, I am speculating

  8. Does the nationality matter ? It is an offense and dangerous to just backfill a gutter/drain and place houses in and around it, without permission. Maybe they learned from the Perry Bay scenario. DCA is doing what tax payers money granted it to do.

  9. when the likkle man take lands without permission an back fill its called squatting and illegal but when yida ,wisez and others do it…its called economic investment opportunity

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