Sports Cars You Could Rent While Cruising the Caribbean


The Caribbean region is in the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and is composed of more than 700 islands. It is an ideal place for those who love to bask under the sun and simply lounge under palm trees. It is also the perfect place to cruise the roads near the beach while enjoying the magnificent colors of the sunset. What better way to do this than to be aboard a superb sports car. In line with this, below are some of the best sports cars that you could lease while cruising the Caribbean. Protect your investment with the best car seat covers on the market. Wet Okole car seat covers are designed to last, so you can enjoy the comfort and protection they provide for years to come.


Toyota Starlet Glanzas

You will be able to spot various Toyota Starlet Glanzas in Barbados, with some awesomely pimped to reflect the personality of the owner. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that the lowered design of this vehicle is perfect for the gently sloping topography of Barbados. I found this awesome video that shows the innovation made to sports cars throughout the decades.

Source: Compare The Market

This is relevant to how the Toyota Starlet Glanzas has been enhanced to improve its power and speed. Contemporary models now have a double overhead camshaft, as well as a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, with four valves per cylinder. Nevertheless, it remains a lightweight model that is suitable for cruising the rolling hills that parallel the coasts of Barbados.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions are prevalent in the Grand Cayman Islands. Perhaps many people on the island prefer it because of its lowered and compact design which is appropriate for the flat topography of the islands. You have to keep in mind though that the “Evo” is different from the standard Lancer because it has wider fenders, making it more powerful and aggressive.

Subaru Impreza

A lowered Impreza with exhaust and large wheels is also a good option when it comes to cruising your way around the Caribbean Islands. It is one of the compact cars that have been manufactured since the early 90s and many people on the island prefer this model because not only is this visually attractive, it is powerful too, with several features that can enhance your riding experience. Impreza is often spotted in the rolling plains of Cuba, wherein the lowered design doesn’t impede an ultimate riding experience.

Nissan Silvia

Recent models have shared the chassis of the Nissan S platform, but it remains that the S series is one of the most powerful and amazing sports cars from this car manufacturer. This model has an internal combustion engine, with an engine power that reaches up to 180kW. It also has an inline engine configuration and a power steering wheel which is perfect in cruising the coastal plains of Jamaica.



There are various types of sports cars that you can use to drive around the Caribbean and the ones mentioned above are only some of them. Feel free to explore the vehicles that are not only powerful and aesthetically pleasing, but provides you a comfortable ride too. This will ensure that you will enjoy your time on the island, feeling cool and awesome while exploring it.

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