Unlevelled playing field for locals and visitors fuelling virus spread, says Lovell

Passengers disembark Heritage Quay/Pointe FM photos

The Cabinet invited Dr. Terri-Ann Joseph, the Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO/Ag.), to meet with the executive body in order to provide further clarification of the numbers appearing on the latest dashboard, to lend her superior knowledge and expertise to explaining how the nation has moved to such high levels and to make recommendations. The CMO/Ag. revealed that there are:

  • 119 active cases, 56 male and 63 female;
  • 7 of the cases range from ages 1 to 11 years;
  • 4 of the cases range from 12 to 17 years;
  • 108 cases range from 18 years to 87 years;
  • 11 cases are imported, 82 are residents/locals, 26 are indeterminate;
  • 61 cases are of persons un-vaccinated, 9 are partially vaccinated, 25 are fully vaccinated;
  • 9 are too young to be vaccinated;
  • 15 others cannot be determined.

The good doctor made a number of recommendations to Cabinet which were discussed. The Cabinet decided on the following, in order to curb further spread of the dangerous virus known as Covid-19:

a.Contact-tracing is to be intensified so that those who are unknowingly infected can be identified quickly and isolated, in order to prevent further spread;

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    • Lovell would like to see the ECONOMY in Antigua at ZERO to feed His and the UPP POLITICAL EGO . This would NOT help you HARRY. Harold is a DISASTER to Antigua. You will be KICKED to the CURD again in 2023.

  1. He didn’t get the 4 ham and 4 Turkey for his household with 3 so maybe that’s why, because I can’t see if a man talk the truth he is hated and politics have to come In

  2. Lovell would like to see the ECONOMY in Antigua at ZERO to feed His and the UPP POLITICAL EGO . This would NOT help you HARRY. Harold is a DISASTER to Antigua. You will be KICKED to the CURD again in 2023.

  3. I cannot believe that Charlesworth Tabor will support the picket tomorrow with the current COVID 19 DASHBOARD in ANTIGUA. Tabor I am appealing to you to speak to your Members. The Hospital is PACKED.

    • ERIC(THE RED) what I am waiting to see is how law enforcement and the government will respond to a peaceful picket after unleashing State barbarism on the picketers on 8 August, 2021. By the way, they keep talking about social gatherings, a picket is not a social gathering. If the Cabinet wants to indicate the numbers that should attend any protest gathering, it needs to get its terminology right.

        TABOR Stop splitting Hairs . Let’s work together to solve this COVID 19. We can go back to our usual Politicking after. Advise your members not to picket tomorrow. Too DANGEROUS.

  4. The funeral will be packed also, it ok for a vaccinated spread but not an unvaccinated one, the protocols adjusted and mutated, but the virus respect state funerals

  5. The economy is already at its nadir. Piss poor fiscal management of its assets for decades. The island has been prostituted for the elite few for decades. It’s one natural resource.Land. Is being bought and sold by individuals who have no love for the country or its citizens. That family only care about self. Greed and more greed. Then again one who boast about wealth and being wealthy. No hab no money! They live like the rest of us.

    Some may have assets. What good are those assets when you cannot generate any positive net income. CIP threading water for the time being. It was a cash cow that got milked for personal gain. They spent like their was no tomorrow. Tomorrow has come and the brain trust have no idea what to do. Except open the country to infected and disease carrying tourist from the USA and Europe by large. Can’t forget about dem Chiny man.

    Antigua and Barbuda’s land and sea borders should have remained closed until the citizens, nationals and residents were vaccinated. I should say those that wanted to be vaccinated.

    This is stain on the brain of the self professed millionaire and his Cabinet of Deplorables. They are defunct of ideas of how to best manage economic viability and keep the country safe from COVID-19 and its buzz word variants.

    Dissolve parliament end call the election. Your FIRED!

    • Additionally Cuban vaccines should have been secured for all citizens and residents. These MRNA and adenovirus vector vaccines have disappointing safety and efficacy



    Just oppose whatever the government say/do 🙄😒

    That is a LOSING strategy and weak ass attempt to secure the confidence of the people to elect the UPP to “govern” the affairs of our lovely country.

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