Spencer rallies support for UPP slate

Team UPP

The former leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Baldwin Spencer, is urging the party’s members to support the new slate of candidates.

This call from Spencer comes as the UPP has put its campaign machinery into high gear. During the official roll out of the UPP’s candidates last weekend, former Prime Minister Spencer rallied supporters to stay committed to the candidates in their quest for governance.

“As we charge these candidates with the responsibility to go out there, not for themselves, not for the UPP, but for the nation of Antigua and Barbuda and that all of us will be by their sides. All of us will be part of this great crusade for redemption and to make sure that, with God’s help and God’s guidance, we will be able to bring the ship safely to shore,” he declared.

According to the party’s former leader, every member and supporter of the UPP must realize the integral role they play in the continued development of Antigua and Barbuda.

Meantime, the current UPP leader, Harold Lovell, has expressed confidence in the new candidates, noting that already, they have garnered the interest of the electorate.

“I wonder if you recognize the importance of persons readying themselves to vote when the election is three years away. This feels like 2004 because everybody is sharpening up their voters’ card. They have their weapons because they are ready for the change,” he stated.

The UPP has spent several months selecting its slate of candidates for the next general elections, which are constitutionally due in 2023.

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  1. He also rallied support for them last election and we all know what happened. Dressed in all white? Are they all “pure” and of impeccable character? Or are they all getting married?

  2. Mr. Spencer do you really think that this cohort of candidates can navigate the UPP ship to success during this up coming elections? Mr. Lovell, who is the captain of the crew does not know anything about political bearings and from past records, his political GPS is certainly not functioning properly…. It means then, if the top is slack then it will be obvious that the bottom will fail…. Now lets look at the captain’s crew…. Besides Steve Richards who seems to have great potential in political sailing, the others has very little or no political navigational experience… They also bring on board, spite, anger and vendetta… These attributes are definitely too heavy for a smooth sailing…. Sorry to say Mr. Spencer, when you were at the helm with a much better crew on board, the UPP ship ran this country on reef. It is unlikely that this present cohort can do otherwise. There is no doubt, that this crew cannot and will not attract the masses’ confidence & support to place their lives in UPP hands again.

    • Which one is STEVE RICHARDS?

      I don’t think there is any ship to begin with. This is just a modern day version of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  3. Harold I am happy for you!! But with 25% of the ticket being the Movement/Observer faction, you going to have to keep all of them happy… and UPP is known to turn and bite up their own litter..

    • Happy for him?? How so? In what sense? Happy that Lovell has LOST MORE ELECTIONS THAN HE HAS WON? And that the upcoming one will serve to further worsen his record? Happy about his ROMANTIC RHYTHMS accountability? IMF? Allowing a certain hotelier to hold on to ABST?

      What exactly are you happy about?

      • It’s a long time that Lovell won any election, and his chances this time are the worst ever. They need to get a new leader.

  4. “This feels like 2004…” SIGH… when will Lovell stop being delusional? Gisele Isacc-Arrindell said the same thing last election, yet only One Single Pringle managed to scrape through by a mere 10 votes. Lovell likes to tout that the party LISTENS to the people. But which people are they listening to?

    P.S. – please advise Cortwright Marshall to get a checkup like yesterday. Compare his countenance to that of all other candidates.

  5. That headwrap worn by Miss Athill is the secret weapon that will defeat E.P. Chet Greene.

    Algernon is the next Minister of Foreign Affairs

    Anthony and Redz still on their mama’s breasts

    Bowen removed his glasses. Was he wearing them on that fatal night when TESSA BARTHLEY was snuffed out?

    Allister should stick to wire-bending since he is really talented in that area.

    Jonathan needs to focus on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ

    Richard Lewis they say you are too humble and UPP won’t accept a leader with a foreigner spouse.

    Pearl’s reputation precedes her.

    Lovell lacks a vision, humility and stamina necessary.

    Jamale needs to ask Ishorna to help him with grammar lessons

    Sean Bird will help to “…get rid of Birdism once and for all”.

  6. Why these people dressed in white? There isn’t an angel among them. Must be they dressed up for water baptism by immersion, in the sea. Bring ’em on. We ready.

    • @Pastor…they’re headed down by the River(Lake), for a good old revival, and baptism, to wash their wholly, holy, wholesome sins away!

      Hey Harold, your #Sins are floating.

  7. Joanne, please bring out your list. Please!
    If antiguans have any fight left in them, they will select at most four from the above, two from alp and maybe go green might even have a chance. Tarl, I need some hope. Geeez.

  8. This Slate is BIG BIG JOKE. I would not take any ENDORSEMENT FROM Mr. Spencer. So far His ENDORSEMENTS are ZERO. I saw a POLL yesterday on SOCIAL Media. Hope my ANR CONTRIBUTORS will read it. Dean Jonas is 73 % and Serpent is 32%. Cleon Athill is 32% Chet Green 78%. Therefore UPP will lose all seats. The above slate in ANTIGUA …Give me a BREAK. This is the worst UPP SLATE.

  9. My UPP We can do better. I have been speaking to a few Persons and ALL share the same concerns that the UPP slate is lacking experience . I do hope the UPP slate realize that it is an UPHILL battle and DO NOT TAKE anything for granted.

    • Why is it that more than three quarters of the REMEDIAL team looks obese and it seems normal to you.

      Why is slender a sign of ill health?

      OBESITY is a sign of ill health also….

      • I don’t think anyone is equating Slender to being a sign of ill health. Lovell, Jonathan, Gladys and Richard Lewis (to name a few) are all “slender” but they do not look sickly. Something just appears to be “off” with Cortright Marshall’s facial appearance. Could be nothing or it could be something. Best to get it checked out.

  10. Melchisedec
    September 23, 2020 at 11:02 am
    Mr Lovell’s major problem is that he has about 6 prime ministers on his ticket which will be a major disaster. Serpent, Franz, Alister, Pearl, Pringle, and Athil, they know everything about everything. These people will not agree on anything they are going to spend countless hours to prove that their idea is the better. This will lead to certain fragmentation or cliques…..

    Mr Lovell is a good person well respected and means well, but to be successful in carry water with that basket seems daunting.

    And to even consider single Pringle as deputy is scary.

  11. Many of you Labor Party supporters are saying not so nice things about those candidates.However,I would like Gaston Browne to post his candidates.Just to hear what you people would say.Because most of them are bloated like the Goodyear Blimp.They could go on a hunger strike for 5 years and still weigh 300 pounds after that exercise.A so them ugly.The only exception is Maria Browne.

  12. Interesting. The red chorus is sudden and very loud. Threatened by a vibrant palette of newcomers? Let’s do the compare and contrast when a wearisome, arrogant and overfamiliar ABLP slate is wheeled out…..again.

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