Speaker Warns Other Members After Spat With Opposition Leader


House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt says he will have to decide whether opposition Leader Jamle Pringle returns to the house following their heated exchange yesterday.

He quickly amended that position after realising that the Member for All Saints East and St. Luke was the only member on the opposition side.

After Pringle stormed out of the Lower House, Sir Gerald said he had never seen this type of behaviour in his six years as speaker.
He said he was not only taken aback by the accusation of bias, but in the manner in which the opposition leader behaved.
Sir Gerald say he is guided by the fact that Pringle is the only member of the opposition, present for yesterday’s sitting.
The speaker said had Pringle not been the only opposition member he would ask the house for a motion to have the him leave “for a long time.”
Pringle became upset after the speaker prevented him from giving a personal explanation. Pringle accused the speaker of bias and insisted that he would not apologise when called upon to do so. Instead of apologizing, the leader of the opposition left the chamber for the remainder of the sitting.
“But any other member that ever attacks me like that on any side of the house, its going to be a different thing”, Sir Gerald warned.

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    • Biased like Gisele Isaac ? OR biased like ALSO not permitting Dean Jonas to explain about why he was removed from Agriculture under “Personal Explanations” i.e. the same category that Jamal was not permitted to speak under yesterday?

      Speaker does not permit Dean to speak – Dean complies
      Speaker does not permit Jamal 2 spean – Jamal gettarn bad and raise he blood pressure

      Where is the “bias” in this case?

  1. Could somebody tell me, is Watts ABLP or UPP or something else? I’m new here and can’t figure it out. Somebody tell us his history. Thank you.

  2. Too bad they still get pay when they act in that manner. Politicians/Parliamentarians need to be held more accountable for the FAT pay check they receive.

  3. Lucifer is sitting on is throne. I am waiting to see who on the government side Mr. Watts will suspend from parliament if their behavior is like Mr. Pringles. I know 4 persons on the government side that he cannot touch whom behavior are terrible.

  4. There are many ways to skin a rat….. In addition if one door is close, many more can be open. In my view If Pringle felt that the Speaker of the House was bias towards him, hence he was not given the opportunity to express his displeasure, I am sure that Pringle could use another forum to get across his message…. In life persons need to be smart…… Its not all about giving in to emotions but its about exercising wisdom, in order to live to fight another day

  5. Pringles was right to leave whether people think he was rude or not.The greatest want of the world is the want of men.Men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.

    • What “right” did he stand for?? The right to be viewed as an “ignoramus”??? Btw you need to finish that very familiar quote. Afraid to call sin by its name? Hmmmm.

  6. Hmmmmmm whether Speaker Sir Gerald Watt did not allow Pringle to give a personal explanation as he also did with Dean Jonas is irrelevant. The important point to note is that he was wrong in both cases. He likes to cite the Rules of the House and in particular Erskine May so I believe he should know better. His actions show a serious lack of knowledge of the Rules.

  7. Time for the people in Antigua to stop this political bull crap … Let think about us … We need to fight for our future … When them politicians pockets full their future and Grand children future safe … Let’s see wrong fir wrong and right for right and done with the political biasness .

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