Speaker Spares Pringle


House Speaker Gerald Watt says he will not invoke sections of the standing orders to take disciplinary action against Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle.

Sir Gerald told a sitting of the Lower House moments ago that he had the option of suspending Pringle for up to six months.

Pringle is accused of breaching the rules of parliament when he accused the speaker of bias and stormed out of the house after being denied the opportunity to make a personal statement.

The speaker said he did not take action against Pringle because “the member has never behaved in this manner before with regards to rulings of the house.”

The other reason given is that Pringle is “new member who did not read the rules” and that Pringle may have been misled.

The speaker said he also took into account that Pringle is one of two elected members on the opposition side of the house.

Sir Gerald said he was not influenced by messages going around on social media but warned Pringle that “any further egregious behaviour will result in a harsh response.”

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  1. I Agree with The Speaker. The Opposition cannot be diminished any further. Hope Pringle learn a lesson. Now Let’s get on with the running of the Country. Good job Mr. Speaker.

    • Melchisedec at least his reasoning for not having the House censure Pringle is far more correct and logical than his reasoning for not allowing Pringle to give a personal explanation. His reasoning on the latter was all over the place until he finally settled on the issue being controversial which was also nonsense.

      • You just cannot concede nuh. Are you too big to apologize. When you wrong you wrong. And only a real man will admit and move on. The QC Simon put is square in his article. Pringle never sought leave to speak and that is the first condition to speak on personal explanation. Not even when I convene a board meeting can a director just get up to speak on any subject he or she wants to. What kind of lawyer are you to tell Pringle he was right to just get up and speak. Talk as you like. This is not Observer Radio Voice of the People. Believe me the ABLP members especially Gaston Browne pleaded for him. He is a loner and cannot do anything against the other 15 members he is no threat whatsoever. Parliament is therefore a debate among the ABLP members. Cause Pringle sure have no contribution to make. And the only trouble maker is Trevor who has been put in his place many times. When last you saw him in Parliament. He uses the fact that their is no regular Ferry Service as a reason not to show up. But we know better. He is afraid to come and take licks

  2. As much as I think Pringle was right, I think he should humbly apologize let this be put behind both of them.

  3. Pringle you are a very lucky black man.Lucky in that the Speaker did not strangle you and or put his knee on your neck.You are also very lucky that he did not whip you.Because whipping still exists in Kenya.However,it is not being done by the Kenyans themselves.It is the Chinese doing it. I did see on a video a Chinese in Nairobi beating the employees in his restaurant for showing up to work late.One of the employees went to the Police.They investigated and it was found out the Chinese working as cooks in that Restaurant were doing so illegally.They were in the country illegally and without working documents.How about all of those Chinese in Antigua and Barbuda.Do they all have proper documentations to stay and even work there.

  4. I am surprise that Tabor still with His FOOLISHNESS. Tabor do not know that word APOLOGY. TABOR , GISEL ISAAC , HAROLD LOVELL , KNIGHT , SERPENT et al are responsible for Pringle DOWNFALL . He is my Representative . I know the Family very well . Pringle has LOST respect in the Constituency . Just because of BAD advice from the names mentioned above . Pringle would not win His seat in 2023. He has the opportunity has a Young Man to make a difference but has lost it. SHAMEFUL.

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