Speaker says he has no control over where MP’s sit


Sir Gerald Watt, KC, speaker of the House of Representatives, has addressed what he deems to be the vexing issue of the placement of Barbuda MP Trevor Walker on the Opposition Bench.

Reportedly, members of the Government Bench have expressed concern about Walker being seated among the United Progressive Party (UPP) MP’s.

But, addressing the matter on Thursday morning, Sir Gerald says that neither he nor the Clerk of the Parliament is responsible for seating MP’s.

If Walker opts to form an alliance with the main opposition party, the UPP, he must subject himself to that Party’s “whip,” Watt says.  He also claims that it means Walker must vote with the UPP – even if its position conflicts with that of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), which Walker represents.

According to Sir Gerald, Walker has indicated certain things to him; and he insists that he, the Speaker, is not wrong about the position he has taken and challenges anyone to prove otherwise.

Other persons disagree with Watt, however, saying that Walker – like any other MP – is “entitled to vote his conscience” on any controversial issue, no matter where he is seated.

“Back-benchers are entitled to disagree with

their own government,” one pundit says. “Walker has the same privilege since all MP’s are equal.”

Meanwhile, Sir Gerald also addressed concerns about the seating arrangements for the Deputy Speaker of the House, Member for St. Phillip’s North Sir Robin Yearwood.

The Speaker says there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents Sir Robin from sitting where he is accustomed, or consigning him to the back bench.- REAL NEWS

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  1. Look at what these politicians ah worry ’bout while Rome (sorry I meant Antigua) burns with financial discrepancies and rising crime …

  2. Wait is it EVERYTHING that they argue about? GET ON WITH THE DAMN WORK OF THE COUNTRY MAN!!!! F ME MAN!!

  3. For sure, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. These clowns are not comfortable seeing their numbers in parliament so close to even. Any signs from Trevor Walker or Asot Michael suggesting siding with the opposition, will make them nervous since the balance of power is so fragile. This is soooo irrelevant. Why the hell does it matter where anyone sits? Get on with the work of running the country. Something you haven’t done in 8 years but now you have to at least appear to be doing something. Maria Brown can no longer be a ghost worker with a gestation period equivalent to that of an elephant. She has to show up now. Gaston Brown will no longer get away with spouting lies and innuendos, neither can he attack these guys who sit across from him without repercussion. How sweet it is.

  4. Gerald Watt likes to create drama. He is the tenth Candidate for the ABLP. One of these days,he would say something as t he Speaker. He would then get his arse reamed by an Elected Member of Parliament. As far as I know. A Back Bencher,cannot sit in the same benches with the appointed Ministers in Parliament. He/she must sit in the bench behind. Time for Gerry Watt to call it a day. Your time is up. It has come and left.

    • WHARF RAT as you correctly noted a back bencher sits in the back. Only Ministers sit in the front bench. As far as I am aware Sir Robin Yearwood is not a Minister of Government and by convention must sit in the back benches. Sir Gerald in his spin is claiming that the Constitution or Law do not speak to the seating arrangements in Parliament. Yes, you are correct they don’t, but please check the conventions and practice of parliamentary procedure and also the Bible of Parliamentary Procedure written by Erskine May. You are dead wrong Mr. Speaker and must admit it the next time the Lower House convenes.

  5. @ Former A.B.L.P. Voter :
    As the Labour Party train moves on to get the people’s business done, you & others who opposes ABLP will not & cannot stop the train from taking this country to the next level

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