Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt KC Vows to Uphold Parliamentary Procedures with Firmness

Speaker and Asot in Parliament

Sir Gerald Watt KC, the Speaker of the House, has stressed the vital importance of strictly adhering to Parliamentary procedures and the relevant Standing Orders.

He made it unequivocally clear that he will enforce these rules without any leniency.

The Speaker conveyed this message during an update to the Lower House, specifically addressing the case of St. Peter MP Asot Michael, who was expelled due to his behavior.

Despite Michael’s petition to overturn his suspension, the court dismissed it, asserting its lack of authority over the legislative body’s internal affairs.

Sir Gerald firmly stated that he will address any disruptive conduct within the House, emphasizing the robust nature of the governing Standing Orders, separate from the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. “Sir Gerald firmly stated, that he will address any disruptive conduct within the House …”

    Don’t make me laugh 😂 because your actions are so one-sided, it just beggars belief – pull the other one, it has bells on it.

    This situation with Asot Michael has dragged on for far too long Mr Gerald Watt.


    Antiguans are not stupid, and we recognise that the more that Parliament keeps Mr Michael from speaking and representing his constituents on a raft of important matters from the Parliamentary benches, the more difficult it will be for him to call out ABLP’S broken MANIFESTO promises.

    I suggest that you are wanting to STYMIE his voice as instructed by l wonder who?

    Thump, 🥊box down … thomp! 🥊 🥸

    • Gerald Watt was handpicked because for him alone, the constitution could go to hell. Asot Michael possesses
      the great scroll which documents the life and times of Gaston Browne and the 18th Candidate will have none of that revelation in his house.

  2. Gerry Watt: The rules in Parliament covers all Members of Parliament.You seems to have a bias against the Opposition Members of Parliament.Those on the Government side in Parliament could do no damn wrongs.You are the problem in that House not the Members of Parliament.You need to cut the bias,one sided dung.In my opinion,it is time for you to go.You have outlived your usefulness.

  3. Time for watts to step down. You’re a biased man. Asot Michael was provoked incessantly that day. Gaston and cutie should have been suspended also. In

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