Speaker invites MP Michael back to parliament


Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt has invited Member of Parliament for St. Peter Asot Michael back to parliament.

The invitation comes days after Sir Gerald threw Michael out over an apparent verbal spat outside the parliamentary chamber.

Earlier today, after explaining what led to his decision, Sir Gerald publicly invited the MP to rejoin the session.

But Sir Gerald warned he would be monitoring his behaviour.

“He is welcome to come back, I have already invited him to come back to speak with me but he has failed to do so because he doesn’t attend parliament in the morning for whatever reason,” the Speaker said.

Sir Gerald’s decision comes after Michael sent him a letter over the weekend explaining he had erred.

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  1. Nothing wrong, Hon. Speaker of the House, in being made to eat some humble pie! Eat up!
    And try your best not to ask for more. I hear that it tastes awful!!


      You have now ‘…Seen The Light.’

      Good advice to ‘…Sir Gerald-‘ …Better not ask for more.’

      It is not about ‘…taste’ Anon.

      It is about ‘…ruffling feathers.’

      Any darn feather would do.

  2. He had to called him back to sit in parliament. He afraid that Michael will call into Observer Radio . All them ABLP Ministers must be shaking in their booths and can’t sleep at night since Michael made that call on media radio. The PM a talk crap because he can’t move Michael from off the ABLP ticket else hell let lose. Talk Mr. Asot Michael talk because you don’t have nothing to lose now…clear your chest/stomach from these filth.

  3. It seems like some people in partisan circles don’t want anybody to talk about this current crisis involving the member from St. Peter. NOBODY should be trying to shut anybody up. Asking questions and giving personal opinions isn’t slander. It’s time to speak up and speak out. Antigua is still a free country, and the people have a right to expect accountability and transparency from everybody in office, government or opposition. This is not just an “internal” affair. It’s a national crisis. God bless Antigua and Barbuda where freedom of speech is welcomed all the time. As the American President Harry Truman used to say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

  4. @ Cynthia
    You have it all wrong on this one. The current PM is an honorable man, not a perfect one, but an honorable. Wishful thinking and the drunken antics of a clown won’t produce the ending you crave. Be honest, at least to yourself!

  5. Sometimes decisions are made and we,in the public tend to ask why? After making such an assertive demand of Asot to leave parliament and then a day or two afterwards you ask him to return leads us to ask many questions and moreso the question why? Now, I am hoping that the laugh is now not on you Mr. Speaker….. You definitely don’t deserve that. Be firm on your decisions and don’t be like a jelly fish that has no back bone? Remember, the world is watching you and your actions. In parliament it is you who run things….. Things should not be running you regardless what the rebuttals are or from who the rebuttals are coming from….

  6. Why are these secrets kept for over 6 years and only talk about them after a great fallout between him and the PM? If there was no fallout would the secrets be hidden for a few more years?

  7. @ Ralston Pompey
    Back off and stay in your lane. Never needed or heeded anyone’s opinion regarding my thoughts or actions. Surely won’t start now, my ‘friend’.

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