‘Spanish Girl’ Apologises But Says Some Rumors Are False

'Spanish Girl' In Black Top

The Hispanic woman at the center of the self-quarantine controversy is speaking out. In a letter written by her and send to ANR the woman says she is sorry but also dispels a number of untruths against her. She says she is looking to return home after quarantine.

Here is the full letter.

My name is Marielis Horsford, now referred to as “Spanish Girl” by Antigua residents. To start, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may have cause you and the residents of Antigua. My place in all of this situation has been mistaken. I am just a visitor that came here with my little brother and sister for a weekend vacation and we have always respected the rules of the island. I never expected that a harmless weekend getaway with my siblings would cause so much harm. Within the past few day I’ve seen how people have accuse me of things that at first didn’t bother me, but that now its getting out of hand.

For example, I am being accused of running away from the hotel and from the airport. That I came in a flight with individuals that were repatriated, which this doesn’t apply to me since I came for vacation from the U.S. For  the last 5 days since my detention I have abided by the regulations and quarantine even though I have not yet seen such results on paper stating that I have tested positive. I have no communication with my family and the only thing I’ve asked for is to see the results. To this day the authorities that are holding me under “quarantine” have denied me from seeing such results. I have no problem staying here because at the end is for my own good and others On top of that, it is said that I have abused verbally and physically the staff at the hotel but that is not the truth.
Lastly, if I offended anybody, I apologize because my intentions has never been abused anybody in any sort of manner. Antigua has been a place I have visited a lot in the past with family and friends and I love coming here. I did not come here to pose any type of threats to this beautiful Island or its people. My situation is being mixed with someone else’s. Please, I would like for all this to stop. I just want to finish quarantine and go back home because every morning I wake up I see a different story made up about this situation.
Thank you for your time.
Marielis Horsford “Spanish girl”



  1. Dear Spanish Girl,

    Please understand that Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign independent nation. We are not just some ‘island’ for you to hang out. This isn’t Jamaica or Dominican Republic, this is Antigua. Our country is educated and richer than most other countries in the Caribbean. Respect our laws and respect our nation. Don’t be like the other illegal Jamaican’s and D.R.’s that ruin Antigua’s quality of life.

    Good luck and please leave as soon as possible.

    • U so full of sh*%!…….I want the Jamaicans and so call DRs to haunt u in your sleep every night. Scum bags like u make decent Antiguans look bad. I feel bad for u cause no matter how hatd you try u will never get rid of the jamaicans u hate so much. So your sad miserable ass will have to continue live with them. .get use to it! Will cant avoid them….this is a small country u will run into them almost daily….lol. I want them to haunt you like a never ending nightmare. Sweet dreams dumb ass!

    • Stop being such a bigot.

      It’s amazing that you look down on Jamaicans when they have contributed the most to Caribbean culture in terms of art, music, and cuisine.

      Jamaica is a MUCH more developed country than Antigua. They have their own money. They have industries besides tourism such as bauxite, rum, manufacturing. They have highways. Their roads are modern and paved. They have sidewalks.

      They have an amazing music industry. Amazing cuisine. And rich history with luminaries such as Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley hailing from that island nation.

      Jamaica also has the world renowned University of the West Indies. I know you have a small satellite campus but the home of that prestigious university is in Jamaica.

      Jamaica has pretty much put the Caribbean on the map and there really isn’t another island that can compare.

      The DR is also much more developed than Antigua. They have many more businesses from the West, big cities, sidewalks and higher standard of living.

      I am not Jamaican or from the DR. Just want to let you know you sound absolutely ridiculous.

      • Then if Jamaica is all that and plus , try to stay there and venture into our little island. We were a happy , living comfortable without the crime and murders before yall started trying to come to antigua and never return to your developed jamaica ..why would this be ?

      • they also have bad ways for instance living upstairs of people and throw down dirty water… (from experience). I have never had a good experience with Jamaicans. there are some good ones dont get me wrong but i have not met one i like. Jamaica is definitely more developed than here of course I agree so why they dont stay in their own country and do these nasty things they do here ? oh wait cause they will get a gun shot in them head

      • @Ridiculous
        I agree with you that some parts of Jamaica are more developed than Antigua. Note I said some parts as there is a lot of ghetto and bad roads in Jamaica. The bauxite industry is owned by Chinese. The new highways are built by the Chinese. The university of the west Indies is not the university of Jamaica. It is owned by the West Indies who have to contribute their share. Jamaica has its own current but is the exchange rate about $100 to $1 us. The EC is $2.70 to $1. I like some Jamaicans but there are some that not even my Jamaican friends want anything to do with. Most of the Jamaicans coming to the smaller Caribbean islands are the undesirables. As my Jamaican friends say, we should keep them.
        By the way Jamaicans make a good curry goat, oxtail and jerk. There is a lot more to good cooking than these.

      • They have their own money that isn’t worth anything and a tun of crime … they can stay in Jamaican and we will stay in Antigua .. we don’t want to go there and we don’t want them here it’s that simple .:: we will welcome Dominicans, st Lucians Grenadians .. anyone else just no Jamaicans please and thanks you

        • I feel sorry for you and people like u..lol…Because no matter how much talk u talk and how much hate in your heart you have to live with Jamaicans in your country until the day you die….and even after your sad passing jamaicans are still gonna be here. You gonna go to your graves sad and bitter but there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Love your Caribbean brothers and sisters…embrace them. We dont hate u..so dont hate us. We love you thats why we live among you and are making our contribution to build Antigua. We love this country. Stop kissing the Chinese and the Syrians a%% . Love your own black people.

    • You’re really fucking dumb. Did you read her letter, or it it that comprehension is hard for you? SHE WANTS TO LEAVE BUT IS BEING DETAINED BY AUTHORITIES! Some of you make me sad to be West Indian. Stupid skuntfuckery you talking.

  2. The P.M speak on the rude behaviour workers encounter. Her friends or family members probably urge her to get a letter of apology type of from someone, so that she would not be removed from the land of Milk and honey!

        • @ the person who wrote that letter to Spanish girl.. you sound like a garrat..
          Must be one a dem who sell out Marcus Garvey fi rice…
          To all the other garrats, Jamaicans are her to stay.. while you here running your mouth on social media we buying up all your lands,,taking all your big jobs,,enrich ourselves and sen home fi wi family to do the same… nuff love fi unu same way..

  3. Why was this woman not treated like the white tourists who are allowed to go to their hotels and roam the island freely?

    There was a post about a week ago that the brown/black travelers were separated from the white ones in the airport with all the brown/black ones being forced to go to quarantine facilities.

  4. Some of you WORTHLESS ANTIGUANS need to shut your stink mouth and go hide yourself somewhere far because y’all are hating on “foreigners” who are living better than y’all in your own country of birth!! Some of you are very stupid and annoying!!
    Y’all wanna go to other people’s country but doesn’t want anybody to come to Antigua??!!!
    Go have it out with the Government and the Airlines!! GO PROTEST!!
    Some of you that keep bringing down foreigners are depending on your Mother’s retirement funds!! Go start your life and stop depending on your parents!!!

    • How about you just stay in Jamaica and we will stay in Antigua and everyone will be happy

      At least Antiguans will be happy BecUse you don’t see any Antiguans dying to go to Jamaican to make a better life

      You Jamaicans need little Antigua although you keep saying Jamaican is so big.

  5. I always wonder why Jcans leave big Jamaica to come to small Antigua. We have just a few Jcans in my neck of the woods and no trouble with them. I guess it’s because the few here are gainfully employed.

  6. Deport all of them ass, out of antigua go to hell back where the hell you guys come from , they come to antigua our peaceful country and crime rate up in antigua , get all the Jamaicans back to Jamaica they are acustum too all that crime in their country , we don’t want that for antigua

    • Blame Lester Bird and the then ALP who brought them to boost up his election win.Now it is affecting Antigua election results.The same foreigners who vote ABLP are same ones who vote against party with the same mindset like ABLP in their country.

    • I remember when there were mostly Dominicans (nature islands) in Antigua. I only knew of one Santo. Dominican family on Desuza Road. (I wonder what became of them).but that was in the ’60’s. Now they are all over. We have a large population my way. With all the crime my way, you can’t tell if the criminals are Santo or Puerto Ricans because of their titles (last names). I abhor crime and criminals.

  7. This DR woman has nothing to fear. She will never be deported. Votes count more than Covid. Think of all the DR votes.

  8. Well I must first and foremost I understand things happen Spanish girl but you must understand it’s a difficult world we are living today so everyone is scared I must say to Jamaicans that living in Antigua and talking about Antiguans like that i don’t like it cause you guys are not accustomed to the good you find in our little Antigua it’s You all little American plus you talking about in Jamaica a 3 bedroom house have 10 family renting in there they rent every space in that house where they can find to rent and again you talking about having your own money you mean the money without value like really a $100.00 US in Jamaica is $10,000.00 plus Jamiacan dollars and a 2 liter bottle of soda is $500.00 Jamaican dollar so when you guys start putting Antigua or Antiguan you all need to leave and go back to starvations cause I’m a proud Antiguan and bet you guys can’t say the same that’s why you have to run go find cover else where so please leave our little land and sea island alone and go back to Slaughter Jamiacan where Starvation is a must there so now you are in my beautiful small island of Antigua where you are seeing your best life shout up cause if today or tomorrow the PM decided gather up all of you a back to starvations you are go and I know you live it that’s is why you guys keep running to the small islands for survival good night

  9. I have but one comment to make, my small island of Antigua will send for me if I am elsewhere, Wonder why Jamaica dont send for its CITIZENS, Whenever a Jamaican who is in Antigua getting charity speaks ILL of Antigua, it shows you dont realize YOU ARE TRASH TO YOUR COUNTRY AND WE ARE BEING NICE, DONT LET US CHANGE OUR ENERGY. TAKE CARE OF ANTIGUA YOUR REAL HOME.

  10. Come on ppl stop acting this way ,can we all get along we all are one nation,Antigua is a great place but we have to see people as all people

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