If you also don’t want to watch news channels and don’t like reading newspapers as they provide long news which is not easy to understand and comprehend, then go through this article. Here we will see all the news in short, and you can easily understand them. You will get to see all the popular ข่าวกรุงเทพ. So, if you also want to know the latest news, then check this ข่าวกรุงเทพ and have fun.


Important headlines of current news

  1. World cup soap drama is telecast on all channels and is currently a famous ข่าวกรุงเทพ– The FIFA world cup soap opera is continuing to provide a lot of entertainment, here you will get to see all the matches. It will be an exciting world cup and chances of winning can be difficult this time as competition is high. This week, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) wants 600 million back from the sports authority because this time, it won’t be able to fulfill all the demands and the world cup agreement is not completed.


It resulted in a long drama and now, finally, after so much melodrama; they agreed. NBTC has also sent warnings and told them if an agreement is not fulfilled, they have full right to compensation. On November 9, Wednesday, NBTC gave 600 million to SAT for fulfilling this whole agreement. NBTC is also concerned about True corporation, which has given 300 million for this agreement.


They have also been demanding to suspend internet protocol from broadcasting matches. It has been seen that NBTC is reportedly blaming the SAT for this whole mess. Kongsak Yodmanee, governor of SAT, said that he is confused with NBTC’s reaction and they are not understanding the whole situation. They also mention that they need to wait for the Court’s order before they can do anything about the whole situation. He is expecting the judgment will come in less time and soon the whole matter will be resolved. Kongsak also said that he strictly followed all the guidelines given by NBTC and also asked them whether it will be forfeited if the 600 million baht will be legitimate or practical. SAT also received a lot of warnings from FIFA about broadcasting and telling them continuously to not repeat the same mistake again and again. It also told them that they are violating the rules. It will also be shown that FIFA can also ban these broadcasts and can suspend all the signals. Stay tuned! What will happen next?

  1. Another important ข่าวกรุงเทพ is There will be a final rite for all those victims who have been stabbed and shot at a Thailand nursery during a mass shooting- you can still see the smear of blood on the timber floor of classes in Northeast, in Thailand. Over 20 children are killed in the mass shooting in less than 5 years. An ex-police officer armed with a gun and knife entered and killed all of them, along with other staff members. Buddhist rites will be started in Northeast Thailand, in Uthai Sawan for victims who were stabbed in a mass shooting in a Thai nursery. Parents will mourn for their children when they have been shot during daycare. People will come to show their grief for these children. Flowers, toys, sweets, and milk bottles will be placed alongside these children’s coffins. Mourners will pay their respect during this ceremony. Monks lead these ceremonies to be held in three temples. People came and prayed for these 32 people who had been killed in mass shootings. It was done by an ex-policeman, who also stabbed his wife and children in this process. Most of them are children who were playing and sleeping before ex-officers entered with knives and guns. He shot the staff before he entered the classroom. On Sunday, in Thailand, northeast, people were seen at the temples to mourn for the dead. Hundreds of them came and lit candles to pay attention to dead children and people. They also offer toys and food to their children. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime minister of Thailand, and many cabinet ministers also attended the funeral rite. Families have shared their feelings with CNN and then they have also recounted the previous reminiscence of their children. Oy Yodkhao, the old grandmother of her 4-year-old grandson named Thawatchi Siphu, expressed her disbelief and shared her grief. She cannot believe that anyone can murder these innocent children. She also said that she cannot believe that there would be this kind of person who can cold-heartedly kill small children. She can’t believe that anyone can be cruel to these children. The man’s body was also found after the accident. He shot himself after this mass shooting. The body will be cremated with a proper ritual. The real motive behind the whole situation is not known yet, and people cannot understand why he did it, they won’t see any intention behind it. After killing all these people, Panya Kamrab, a police officer, aged 34 years old, reached home, and then he killed his wife and later his son. After killing his family members, he shot himself. The total number of people who have been killed in childcare is 36 people, including his wife and son, who frequently go to childcare, but were not there during the mass shooting. 24 toddlers have been killed in this massacre. He is not under the influence of drugs, as he was examined in Udon hospital. They conducted a forensic test to check whether he had drugs or not, but they didn’t find anything. Chief Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittiprapas said that his wife wanted to divorce him, and she also reported fighting with his husband to her mother. Nopparat Phewdam was grieving and mourned outside the child daycare with other families. Her brother has been shot in the massacre. Unlike other people Nopparat knew Panya the killer, she told the police that he was a frequent buyer of his convenience store. He seemed courteous and spoke gently. If you want more ข่าวกรุงเทพ, then stay tuned. In ข่าวกรุงเทพ, you will get all updates and won’t be disappointed.



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