Some hoteliers will not employ unvaccinated applicants


Some member properties of the Antigua and Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association (ABHTA) have taken the hard decision not to employ unvaccinated people who apply to work in the industry.

ABHTA Executive Chairman Vernon A. Jeffers Snr says difficult decisions have had to be taken in order to safeguard current inoculated staff as well as incoming visitors from Covid-19.

Jeffers says the Association continues to encourage the more than 45 per cent of current staff who are yet to be vaccinated to go get their jabs.

He says the success of the industry depends on visitors’ perception of the safety of the destination.

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  1. Is it safe where they’re coming from or where is safe in the world. You’ll want them to take the vaccine that’s it .

  2. God Almighty, you alone know what TRUE JUSTICE is.

    Father God, I Pray that for these ‘little judges’ to reign over a situation where ‘their vaccinated minions’ believe they are safe and secure, having taken a vaccine, will live to experience differently.

    This is my fervent Prayer Father.

  3. if ah dat ah dat…I was so ridiculed last night listenting to health living. A rasta on the programe enquired if “poor people” loose their jobs because THEY CHOOSE to be not vaccinated as to whether the government will help them out. You know, give them money on a weekly basis while they stay home remain unemployed. He haffu min high!!!!!

    • I have no respect for thst man in the picture who ah cock up he foot them like he think he head look good
      When u think u is lord of all, u learn God in control!!!
      Disgustung how he nuh stand up for people, he just lub please and suck up under the uncaring TPTB.

  4. Look who back in the drivers seat
    Singing for supper… exec chair
    Antiguan black Slaver
    Cant mash ant…think he debonaire and cultured and lub talk down

  5. …Papi! Kum een pan de scene
    …and, start to blow U conch shell
    …to send this message, even up to hell.
    …‘cause, this is what this story means.

    …it may, may not seems like!
    …no knows no!
    …by any means, that is necessary!
    …but, even if they don’t say #MANDATORY!
    …yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
    …they’re making this thing #COMPULSORY
    …it’s quite evident, from their intent
    …and, this is only one Industry!
    …yet, it’s evident! What they’re saying to everybody!
    …no VACCINE, and you won’t be able to work.

  6. You fear and don’t trust the white man’s vaccine 😀,but yet you love his food,you dream of his lifestyle,you worship and pray 🙏 to his white GOD and his son,black peoples confused as hell,to late is your cry 😢,what else can the demand do to me after take me from the mother land,you can’t have it both ways 💉💉💉💉💉

    • There is no such thing as ´´white man vaccine, food or God´´
      Everything was created by God for ALL. The Creator is no respector of persons. We are all on equal playing field before him. Stop trying to perpetuate division.

  7. Discrimation is like history repeating itself pure division!

    This leaders in government is so lie talking about guest wont come if people are not vaccinated, when there was no vaccine the guest was coming but the borders would not be closed to keep the virus out.

    Those international countries have a higher infectious and death rate than us, we are the ones that should be afraid to let people in not the other way around.

    Unvaccinated hotel staffs cannot be a threat to vaccinated guest if the vaccine is so safe, they are lying to us. Time for us as a people to start being creative a storm is coming to destroy and break down the devilish agenda and we are going to see if anyone is going to those institutions

    One of the most deceptive move that transpired is when the PM stated he took the vaccine behind closed doors i believed help caused this situation and he is promoting something different from what he took.

    Citizens of Antigua it must be a breaking point what we want not what the the leaders that sit in office want we elect them to represent not to control, put party and politics aside and look at the facts. They forget they were elected to serve power get to their heads after pride there is destruction, a great Judgement is upon the wicked

    There is more of us than them, be firm in your decisions dont let anyone bully you to do what you dont. Fight against the evil forces that fight against you to destroy their works, dont giving in to seducing spirit of our leader, hold your position people.

  8. Why do we have to couch everything in colour. Caucasian Edward Jenner developed the smallpox vaccine in 1796, however, the covid 19 vaccine is primarily the work of the young, 34 year old, Black female scientist Dr. Corbett of North Carolina. With respect to God he has no colour and His son Jesus is not white.

    • @Tabor…the #science of inoculation and herd immunity came from the African Villages of our fore parents centuries before these thieving Europeans stole the technology.

      Now, as for these vaccines achieving a permanent ‘herd immunity effect,’ that will never happen. This is temporary solution to the COVID-19 #PLANdemic situation.

      Note: Health is Wealth! Wealth is not health!

      • RAS SMOOD I have not arguments whatsoever with your comment. In fact, I agree with you and would add that humanity started in Africa whether you are an evolutionist or creationist. The knowledge that African civilizations has given to the world is immeasurable.

  9. Yes, bring Jeffers back to beat people into submission. He says he has. ‘talent among great men and women’ . DwL. CLOWN!

  10. I fully understand the issues on all sides of this matter. The reality is, this issue is much larger than the Antigua & Barbuda Hotel & Tourist Association and the Government. It is either we comply with the requirements of the International travel community or we get starved for international tourists. SIMPLE! The requirement for hotel workers and taxi operators to be vaccinated is not simply a local requirement. International travel partners are seeking confirmation and verification not only that workers within the hotel and tourism sector are vaccinated, but also that the local vaccine uptake is significant enough that they would feel comfortable and safe on the island. Many of us travel to the US, Canada and UK often. It is only a matter of time before it is mandatory to be vaccinated before we are allowed into those destinations. Let’s take the drama out of this and understand what we are up against.

    • @Audley Phillip…Plain and simple, when the Oligarchs, Plutocrats and the Medium’s bark they bite and take their pounds of flesh!
      Therefore, due to PPP – Piss Poor Planning, and PPM – Piss Poor Planning in terms of managing our resources, Nations such as Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA have no choice, nada, none, zilch when it comes to accepting these INTERNATIONAL protocols set by their masters. They either comply or die!

  11. They have divided the world VACCINATED against UNVACCINATED.

    People power the vaccinated should stand with the unvaccinated and stay off the job until these traitors get a clear understanding of that human resource is vital in making a profit in the service industry.

  12. The policy makers believe they are more important than the citizens they would make decisions to control and divide stating it is for the best interest of the country. Time for us to unite and remove the obstructions in our lives, each endevouring all achieving not some anything else is division, demonic nd draconian.

    This vaccinated and non vaccinated plot and plan is no different from all whites allowed only or all blacks only

  13. Smh…well it’s no surprise because humans all.of sudden have taken the place of the sheep in the nowhere pasture. It’s sad that many are willing to sit back and say nothing or do nothing. When will it end? When we the people say enough is enough. Antiguans you love the tourist so it’s them or you🤔I guess the PM chose them. God won’t save you unless you’re willing to save yourself.

  14. God, you must do something, please. This movement is so slaverish. It is White versus Blacks, vaccinated versus unvaccinated, choice versus being forced, lgbtq versus straight, job versus jobless…

  15. Discrimination on every account. By doing that, people are being forced to take a foreign substance in their body that has not undergone extensive research.

    Watch all the lawsuits start up now.

  16. The workers in the Hotels in Antigua. Do they have to take blood tests annually to work in that Industry. If so,why not the Vaccines. The Employers have the rights to set up protections of all. That would include their customers and employees alike. I am fully Vaccinated by taking the Moderna. Those who do not wish to be Vaccinated. That is their business. However,the employer has the right to say. All of my employees must be Vaccinated in order to maintained employment in my establishment. Or your alternative would be to look for work else where. I would have all the checks at a ready.To be paid on the spot. There would also be a non returnable clause in your files for future references.

    • @WHARF RAT…then if such is the case, as in an employer having that much say over an individuals body, said employer would also have the right(s), to tell their male employees to wear florescent g-strings under white chiffon skirts, and the females to wear briefs padded with silicone in the front resembling a penis.

      As I’ve being saying from the announcement that this is a PANDEMIC, COVID-19 is a business controlled by the Oligarchs, Plutocrats and Medium’s fashioned from their business plans of the ROARING 20’S(1900 – 1950), tweaked to correspond with the technological age in which we are living in, and managed by their henchfolks/puppets the media, big pharma, the politicians and their concubines!

      BTW – from boxborough to texas must have a trail of dead bodies, of unvaccinated people due to COVID-19, the new designer flu, from the Coronavirus family.

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