Some Antigua Airways passengers had no accommodation when they landed in Antigua


REAL NEWS-An aircraft representing Antigua Airways arrived at the V.C. Bird International Airport on Tuesday, November 1, Independence Day, as scheduled – but not without some confusion, according to sources.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner says the aircraft landed here following an estimated 12-hour chartered flight, although not directly from Lagos, as had been advertised.

Wehner explains the change, reportedly based on the type and year of the carrier.

A source describes the arrival of the aircraft and its passengers as a complete chaotic mess at the airport. Reportedly, the flight carried over 150 passengers, most of whom are alleged to be students.

According to several sources, most of the Nigerians had no accommodation in place prior to arrival. Therefore, it is alleged, several persons at the airport were designated to call around and find places for the passengers to stay.

Wehner reports that some of them are now boarding at the Paige Pond Country Inn in Buckleys, while others have been placed in various establishments around the island.

It is said that most of them have no relatives here and were flown to Antigua and Barbuda – free of cost – “to pack the plane.”

Our News Department understands that the visitors are having to split the cost of accommodations; and it is alleged that four to six adults are sharing a room.

“Our ancestors were packed in [the cargo hold] of slave ships hundreds of years ago; now, Independence Day, our Nigerian brothers are packed in a little room,” is one person’s comment on the situation.

Another resident says she wonders what the Nigerians were told, in the first place, to cause them to take the flight here.

Meanwhile, residents are asking how the visitors could have been granted visas on arrival when they had no accommodations booked and appear to be without funds to support their alleged 30-day stay here.

Further, as suspicions grow about the airline’s principals, questions continue to be asked about what was brought in the cargo compartment of the airplane.

Although the name “Antigua Airways” was branded on the body of the vessel, the tail of the airplane was not painted in the colors of the Antigua and Barbuda flag, as shown in photographs prior to its arrival.

But other sources explain that the craft is not owned by Antigua Airways, but was leased from the aviation company EuroAtlantic Airways.

Notwithstanding, it landed to a grand water-cannon salute, followed by a short ceremony attended by Minister of Tourism Charles “Max” Fernandez, Foreign Affairs Minister Paul Chet Greene, and other officials.

Antigua Airways is expected to operate from the old V.C. Bird International terminal and utilize the former British Airways check-in counter and offices.

Wehner says he finds this situation appalling and claims that the office space – described as a construction zone – is in shambles.

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  1. If you voters in this country of Antigua and Barbuda want to continue to be bamboozled, lied too, going without essential services such as water daily, non payment of salaries and pension payments on time, unkept city centre, roadways, burying dead on top of dead, sky high cost for essential services such as gasoline, diesel…then the Gaston Browne led Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party is for you!

    As I digest this Antigua Airways story. The more in stinker it gets. This Government could not operate an air bridge between Antigua and Barbuda with Barbuda airways(remember Lie-no Hell) bragging about that. Nutten tarl came to fruition on that. Other than the piper aircraft was commissioned with the Defense Force. The spokesman in chief was on the defensive last night on “Fire and Steel.” I thought by now. That show would be on PointeFM aka Rum Shop Radio.

    Stop polluting “Antigua Airways “ with lies, deception, misinformation, half truths and misleading information.

    For two consecutive ABLP administrations led by Gaston Browne and his Chief Misinformation Minister had led this once beautiful country into chaos. Voodoo Economics! Fake Ground Breaking of new and Five Star World Class Resort Properties. Not one has bear “Fruit.” Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves to hold the political leadership offices that this administration was voted into to deliver first class government for the citizens, residents and diaspora expected.

    An “Economic Powerhouse.” What have we gotten after two terms? “Nada, Nunca, Niet.” Not a damn thing but hot air and economic uncertainty. A non performing government should and need to be voted out. Period….we cannot continue down th same path of personal attacks and washing “Antigua Airways” with misinformation. It has to stop. Now is the time. Time waits for no one. We cannot wait any longer for any government to make mockery of the voting population who expect and deserve nothing but honest and a just government for all. Not just a chosen few.

    This airline is a “Fraud.”

    Me Done!!!!

  2. “Correspondent” GEORGE WEHNER? he getting $1,500/month to drive around Baldwin “ASHE LIED” Spencer. So the “correspondent” gig is his side piece? Tell him stay hydrated. Drink some Cooks Pond Water in between.

    • @Hmmmmm
      How much are some of the mouthpieces on Pointe Fm being paid by the government and from being on boards of statuary corporations, so they can chat in support of Gaston’s government for free on Pointe FM? Tell me, is the public being defrauded by paying Pointe Fm bills? That is what you should question.
      $1,500 per month cannot even buy food.

    • Well, look at how the ABLP have the poor Nigerians walking all over town looking dazed, hungry and confused pulling their suitcases behind them
      It is the same GEORGE WEHNER THAT HAD TO HELP THEM. Hmmmm , where were you?
      Repeat: Hmmmm ,where were you to offer help to the Nigerians when they needed help

  3. This was always one of Gaston Browne’s electioneering gimmicks to try and hoodwink the UNTUTORED, UNREAD and ILL-INFORMED.

    It probably worked on them as well!

    However, to the TUTORED, the WELL READ and INFORMED, we were not fooled in the slightest.

    Amazing work again Mr George Wehner; and as usual you are putting thecountry first … what a great Antiguan reporter you are sir!

    • … investigative journalism at its best!👍

      You deserve a bigger world stage, but in the meantime I’ll continue to follow your work. Again, outstanding.

  4. Government continue we have to put our country first they’re not in power so everything is wrong all these negativity stop it because we have the best p.m. in the Caribbean

    • @Ras Smood…I see your back. You ran out of my SHIT💩💩💩to fuel your thoughts, to spill ABLP and Gaston Browne shit all over the World. Damn, you love eating my 💩💩💩to smell like me.

        • @Scott…my “shit” is what comes out as waste matter after what I ate is digested, and the body has to get rid of it. It will carry my stink. This is why it’s deposited here 🚽to be flushed away, and not having someone wearing it, like Bad Boyz Cologne!
          Yes, my shit do stink!

    • @Ras Smood: You damn imposter. You are a real Labor Party Minion. Are you lob foo thief and indulged in too much BOBOL. You are using another man’s name as your own.That in the real world is a crime. However,that is common in the Gaston Browne Labor Party.

  5. Human trafficking or money laundering? This is what we get for 10 CIP passports? That is at least 2million USD. Such a Pappyshow government. We all know that there is some hidden agenda but it will soon be revealed.


  7. ppl asking if george wennir have TITLE DEED for the house he live in? dont think the madame happy in rent house enuh

  8. Oh Noooo! I can’t believe this. I simply can’t. Somebody please tell me today is April 1st. I am waiting for the PM to come out and dispute this because what an embarrassment for Antigua. If it is true… then what a shame.

  9. Well done George Wehner. Wish we had a few more like you unveiling the real stories as they unfold. This Antigua Airways thing is a complete joke, just like our leader. This, like the twenty odd projects, will amount to nothing. This man never talks about what falls under his ministry: exorbitant gas prices, escalating food cost, late or non-payment of wages and salaries and so on. Ever wonder why he was not there?

  10. “Our ancestors were packed in [the cargo hold] of slave ships hundreds of years ago; now, Independence Day, our Nigerian brothers are packed in a little room,” is one person’s comment on the situation.

    Whoever said this, should this be arrested. I have never seen such polarized nonsense. You want to attribute journalism like this but condemn what you see in the west with Donald Trump acting the same way! Shame on y’all! Y’all don’t realize an agenda when you see one!

  11. How is this convo productive or helping the country? Surely we can debate a point without going into the gutter.

    • You would think that we could, but how can we? Our “leaders” are the first ones that instead of discussion, they prefer personal attacks on each other…….so, the public does exactly that….

  12. I have a few questions.
    1 – Who are these people from Nigeria? Tourists, students, illegals trying to find a way into the USA? Is Antigua now jumping onto the human trafficking bandwagon? Good money for those at the top of the chain – Pols.
    2 – How on earth are these passengers allowed to get visas upon landing, without proof of accommodation and proof of funds?? Something smells deeply of the sea here.
    3 – Why is the nacient Antigua Airlines hiding in the old airport terminal building, with no proper facilities for immigration, Customs and all the stuff normal people have to go through? Are they being treated differently in some way? Hmm, more sea smells here.
    4 – I researched the “gentleman” purported to be behind the Nigerian side of this fiasco, and there was a lot of unanswered questions arising from that research. he does not come across as a bona fide partner for a “powerhouse” of the Caribbean. But there again, not many partners in the ABLP’s long list of partners bear up well under scrutiny.
    5 – and finally: I am pleased that ABLP mouthpiece ras smood has surfaced with his very graphic responses and comments. First, it adds to the smell permeating from this whole affair. Second, he shows the mindset of ABLP supporters. If Max and Chet could find the time from their very busy desks to attend the arrival of this Flight from Hell, ras smood is correct in his thinking. The ship is sinking, and something smells to High Heaven. God Bless Antigua.

  13. And Lovell said this morning that these are students that do not have money. One asks a taxi driver for $50 to buy food.
    What a joke. These guys would say anything.

    • This is a PR disaster for Gaston Browne. The sight of hungry, dazed, confused West Africans walking the streets with their suitcases behind them was pitiful.

      We heard the George Wehner recording where the man from the Cameroon spoke about the botched accommodation arrangements.
      UPP , through George Wehner , had to step in to help since the ABLP, as usual messed things up

  14. So, I cannot count the number of times I have traveled to the USA without having made a hotel reservation. That is why they have Hotel Kiosk at the airport. You pick up the phone and dial the number of the hotel you would want to stay in and ask if they have rooms available. Don’t see what the big deal is all about. Especially for passengers that have missed their connecting flight and have to stay overnight. Apparently, these passengers have made last-minute bookings and sorted out their hotel stay on arrival.
    But I see you guys are trying to hold on to every straw. You will drown in the end.

  15. Someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is and start a business venture that will benefit the country and all you guys can do is to find faults and cry it down. You all really show how much you love this country. If it is not done under the party, you back you have to tear it down. No matter what.

    • You nar go tap chat? You are sounding desperate and pathetic to push a narrative. I have never gone anywhere and I have not secured accommodations before arrival!!! M

      Come on man. Separate sense from nonsense. You know better!!

      • Perhaps you don’t travel as frequent as I do
        And on very short notice
        Actually the airlines have what you call last minute bookings. Young students go to the airport especially for that. They ho yo the various counters and enquirer about last minute bookings and travel with No checkin baggage. Those tickets are at rock bottom prices.

      • And you never travelled and because of delays and flight cancellations you end up at an airport overnighting sometimes for two days before you can get your next connecting flight. That even happens here in Antigua if someone traveling from let’s say Dominica travels to Antigua for a connecting flight to England and missed the flight. They have to wait three days before another connecting flight. No hotel reservation and have to call several hotels to see where has space for them. Nothing unusual here. But as I said you guys desperate to find something to talk about. Holding on to every straw. Good luck. You’ll drown in the end.

    • Why are you politicizing this – the wrong plane arrived, wrong livery, packed with non-paying students who mostly, if not all, have no accommodation. Who is making up anything – these are facts. Your myopic political viewpoint shows what is wrong with Antigua – everything has to have an ulterior motive.
      Starting a new business venture which benefits Antigua is a good thing. Undisputed. Bringing a planeload of passengers in the manner just witnessed is hardly an auspicious start to any business venture.
      Look on the bright side – at least the water cannons worked. or did they????

  16. So I am approached by “someone” to board an aircraft and fly 12 hours to a place I have not been before.

    I don’t ask what’s the catch?
    Where am I staying?
    How am I eating?
    How long is the “vacation” for?

    Even if this trip was free, were they not given anything in writing regarding this trip?

    So barring all that…..I still board this flight?


  17. They are lying
    Africans scam everyone…they have money, they just don’t want to spend it….trust me, they expect everyone will feel sorry for them…

    Why is the banjo only now playing. He was silent when the government was trying to pretend that it was such a next-level initiative.

    All government try to pretend- blue or red. Gaining political mileage is now being trampled …. Because of dvanced technology: people can not be fooled

  18. and an audience with President Buhari… wow, Antigua is Big!

  19. Come on UPP don’t do and say anything to gain political support and Power it doesn’t speak well of you much less to put you in office to run a country

    • @ National


      Even your RED comrades can see right through your RED words 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

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