Solider Charged With Rape More Than A Year After Woman Reported Crime


A soldier at the Antigua & Barbuda Defence Force was recently charged by police for allegedly raping a woman more than a year and a half ago.

The man was granted bail in the sum of $9000 with a cash component of $4000 when he appeared in the All Saints Magistrates Court last Tuesday.

The soldier allegedly committed the offence in Liberta on January 9, 2019.

The accused was ordered to provide two sureties, surrender all travel documents and stay 50 feet away from the complainant.

He must also report to a police station three times weekly.

The matter was adjourned to October for committal proceedings.



  1. I guess police was trying to sweep this one under the carpet. I wonder when will they charge the driver that killed the woman Hughes in New Winthropes while walking one night in the road. And the driver didn’t stop, he drove home and got his influential father to deal with the police. The woman left many children behind who are now motherless and still cannot get closure. Only when you kill a dog you do not have to give account to anyone. You just bury it.

  2. @Sidelines: Her name was Andrea Hughes from Cedar Grove.She was run down on the side of the road by a resident of Crosbies.The drivers last name is Ryan,not related to George of the same name.He is not of dark complexion.By the way,what has become of the case in Heritage Quay.Where a lady was murdered at high noon in that tourists complex.She worked in a store there.Was that swept under the rug as well.Because I have not heard one word from the Police in about 5 years in this matter.

    • It seems that in Antigua we do not really have reporters who would stay on an issue and every so now and then ask the questions to the police or the politicians. I mean every change they get they should put the Attorney General and the Chief of Police under pressure.

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