Solid Waste Authority responds after Jonathan Joseph is seen taking charge of waste disposal in Bendals


The National Solid Waste Management Authority is aware of an incident occurring on Friday 1st April 2022 where a private citizen was claiming that residential waste was not being collected in the Bendals community.

Further, the individual posted photographs via social media giving the impression that he was fulfilling the NSWMA collection schedule for residential waste.

The Authority wishes to inform the public that the National Solid Waste Management Authority is the agency mandated by law to collect, transport, and dispose of solid waste in Antigua and Barbuda.

Due to organizational and operational challenges faced by the Authority, there have, on occasion been periodic delays. However, on Friday 1st April, there were no such challenges with the collection of waste in Bendals.

Collection services were scheduled and the two contracted haulers assigned to Bendals and surrounding communities were carrying out their duties in the area at the very time the private citizen claimed he was providing the service.

The action of the individual added much confusion and sought to politicize a very basic public service while the Authority worked to complete the collection schedule for that community in a timely manner.

Secondly, the individuals Safety & Health could have been compromised considering appropriate personal protective attire was not evident when undertaking this specialized activity.

The National Solid Waste Management Authority wishes to advise private citizens that if there is a delay or missed collection of their residential waste services, to contact the Authority via the hotline number 562-1347.

Once alerted, a prompt response will follow for the collection.

The Authority shall continue to work in partnership with the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda for a cleaner and safer Antigua and Barbuda.

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    • There we go again …. Another one of UPP’s backward & dunce move, trying to fool the citizenry…. Johnathan a joke u a mek, u get caught again!! Is this how you and UPP sharlatons want to run this country, by creating impression & telling lies? YOU GUYS NEED TO GO BACK TO PACK. As u suggested when u made that clarion call, ABLP IS TGE WAY TO GO…. we did it 8 years ago and so we should do it again….. Thanks for your kind & honest advice!!

  1. SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY,TOO LITTLE,TOO LATE. In a place(Antigua) with a population of a medium sized City.You failed the people of Cashew Hill,Bendals and beyond miserably. Solid Waste,you ended up with wastes of your faces,so now you are trying to save your wasted faces.


      Joanne Massiah has already declared the UPP as “Near COMATOSE” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      And after confirming that “LOVELL IS A SPENT FORCE” Peter Wickham yesterday on Observer Radio labeled LOVELL LIMPY JOE IMF As “THE HANDICAP” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • The UPP is also has a knack for choosing old power plants, collapsing the banking sector, making love to IMF and putting Scotiabank workers on the breadline et al

      And opposing the UWI FIVE ISLANDS CAMPUS!!!!!!!!

  2. How convenient that the only day there was no delay was the day somebody decided to do something about it. What protective equipment do you speak of? I never see the rubbish guys wearing anything other than some old clothes and maybe an overall.
    Which reminds me…still waiting for the call about removing a derelict vehicle since September.

  3. Very basic
    Did I hear correctly
    The street to the market needs flushing Stink Greenslugged Littered
    If you can not get BASIC correct, what can you get correct?
    You were incorrect to respond Know better Do better!!!

  4. Desperate times calls for desperate measures….reminds me of Michael Freeland lifting up old fridge, stove and bed in piggotts in his bid to be popular with the people. #UPPNEARGA

    • He was looking for a PHOTO-OP to post on his Facebook page. Notice the shirt he is wearing. Unfortunately for him, this STUNT will not garner him any votes.

      “You did it before 8 yars ago and you must do it again…. VOTE ABLP”

    • We who?? Speak for yourself.Brainwashed wanna be. Drink Water tap a America and mine your dam business..We don’t have a problem with waste collection.CHUPTZZZZZZZ.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      By chance is it “fertilizer” to help the 🐍 with his 26 acres of farmland?

  5. Just shameful. Comfortable in the squalor! Instead of admitting to the error of your ways, and pledging to do better you resort to a cover up? The lengths that these people will go and disrespect us as citizens in the process. People stand up to this reverse psychology! When a basic service like garbage collection becomes political we are in a bad state. Our poor country!

    • Did you tell him to help the 🐍 to remove all the NASTY GARBAGE, OLD FRIDGE, OLD STOVE AND PAMPERS from his 26 acres of farmland???

      “Charity begins at home” help your own Shadow Minister of Agriculture 1st instead of looking NOARTICEMENT!

      • I would tell you go wash you kin but none water dey and you seem to love to revel in shit. People want to rid themselves of rubbish and clean up themselves but you are enjoying burying your head in ground dirt. There’s piece a shit but you’re a whole latrine. Don’t use the same toilet paper that you wipe your arse to wipe your mouth.

        • So u mean you didn’t tell the snake to clean up his “farm”?????

          Shame on you!! With “friends” like you, who needs enemies?

  6. The UPP is going around this all wrong.You can’t continue to use arguments that’s beyond the control of any government and by doing these nonsensical things to win the minds of the people..Thats an insult to anyone with a tiny bit of common sense..Go pack to pack-RU NA READY YET..Jokers..

        • “… he says the UPP’s major deficit is its leader HAROLD LOVELL.”

          “UPP’s MAJOR HANDICAP now is LEADERSHIP and when it comes down to it you know Gaston has his shortcomings and he’s been challenged in the public domain on many issues. But in the final analysis his CAPACITY TO LEAD, LEAD THROUGH A CRISIS CANNOT BE QUESTIONED. Um you compare him to Harold Lovell who is UNABLE TO WIN A SEAT um while leading a party. UNABLE TO WIN A SEAT while not leading a party and the idea that he could miraculously take over and win a government next time is something that I struggle…” ~ Peter Wickham 6/apr/22

  7. Why he never just dump himself too just always want to be in the spot light .one big dutty chuuuuupppppssss

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