Solid support for recent protests signals a political shift and people’s yearning for change, says Symister


Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister says the large turnout at  recent picket actions, especially by young people, is a demonstration that residents are sick and tired of the Gaston Browne Administration.

Several protests have been mounted by the Candidates of the  United Progressive Party, including at the Ministry of Education and the Social Security Scheme.

Other actions have been organized and staged by the Freedom Fighters of Antigua and Barbuda in protest of the State of Emergency and the vaccination mandates.

Based on what is taking place, Symister says, he sees a political shift coming.  He says the people are at their wits’ end with the Antigua Labour Party Administration, which seems focused only on enriching itself and its members.

Symister says  there is a renewed energy among the people and a yearning for change and good governance. — REAL NEWS

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    • You said it!!! Alister Thomas will do what Wilmoth Daniel failed to do – unseat the current PM and become the Deputy PM 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  1. Antigua only has ON PARTY. It is the ALP/UPP UNIPARTY. Some people are still falling for the illusion of TWO parties but the reality is it is ONE PARTY…. two side of the same coin.

    I suggest the people throw them both out and start fresh. We don’t need or want a special class of political ‘experts’. The average citizen can easily do it. They just need to step up and take on the task of doing the people’s business for the good of the people.. These people don’t require any special intelligence to manage a small country like Antigua. We just need people with a bit of COMMON SENSE and a desire to SERVE the needs of the people and not their own desires.

    Get over the divisive two party tyranny and try something different. Why do the people of Antigua keep accepting the LABOR or LABOR non-choice that they are offered each election cycle? I think it because they have been brainwashed since independence to believe MARXISM is a PEOPLES movement… it isn’t really. The socialist leaders that get elected are always self-interested ELITES who always end up only caring about feathering their own nests. They don’t care about the people. WAKE UP !

  2. Symister is absolutely correct. A wind of change is now blowing over this land and when it picks up speed Gaston Browne and his Administration will be swept away. The eyes of the people are opening and they are comparing what we have now in the ALP government and what existed before. The mismanagement and corruption now is pellucidly clear (as the late Sir Lester would say) for all to see.

    • Tabor you always dreaming sk*nt
      The only change that we will see is Harold Lovell being replaced as the leader of the UPP after he loses another election and is forced into retirement like Wilmoth Daniel

    • Its not wind you are feeling, its actually dampness. Chaku’s diaper leaking. Memorie of his denture fallling out. Thankfully its only key supporters like you get subjected to being pissed on

      • He looks like he uses diapers and false teeth for real. I think Tabor can handle the pissing. After all, Janice Samuel done 💩 on him.

    • I remember few days before election 2018, being called by a family member, who told me he was going to win in his constituency. He told me the pre election polls they had done confirmed it. Election day he called me about 1 PM to pass on the message to Gaston to next time send him real competition. 5 PM I am calling him and he refuse to take my call. Later he called me at 11 pm to say atleast he is conforted in the knowledge that essentiallly all candidates on his ticket lost. Tabor come 2022 we taking more than popcorn, not even pringle will be left unmunched. The wind of change you think you feeling, will be you and Chaku et al farting

    • Ya finger shoulda drop off while typing the late great Sir Lester Bird name. After how u and ya party demonize da man wen him min alive now ya want gee he he flowers now he dead upp nergrah na hab no shame tarl


      Tabor do you honestly believe that those Candidates that UPP put forward can UNSEAT ABLP ? TABOR I believe you are dreaming in technicolor. UPP has the DUMPEST Candidstes ever. The results will be ABLP 17 SEATS…UPP 00 SEAT.

  3. This guy is an idiot boss………protesters are protesting for their personal interest not for the UPP to get into office. You think 100 protesters can win election??
    Smh Antigua dummy politicians

  4. The people of A&B are at their wits end. Making a change will only result in more of the same. We have the evidence that neither of the 2 major political parties means any good for the people of the country.

    In 2004, the people rose up and kicked out the ALP after 28 years of corruption. We expected a significant departure from the norm, but we just got more of the same.

    We now know that if we’re “yearning for change”, we won’t find it in the UPP or the ALP

  5. wow! Let us take seriously the words of this WORLD REKNOWNED ATTORNEY who beg de owners of xpz to let go his UPP-supporter client, Glenroy Weekes. Just like Baldwin Spencer lied about the “engines are NEW” and he think the people were stupid to believe him, this is the same “game” CHAKU WAKU is trying to run over the public. So damn stupid and delusional and wotliss and dutty. Go lotion your ashy ankles and tap waste time.

  6. Daniel made a similar prediction in 2014 remember what he said the obeah man at cross roads told him about the callabash.

    • Some have said that Daniel et al repeated the crossroads ritual and it affected the outcome of the infamous bus case. Lovell, Daniel and Jackie can’t sleep at night

      • LMAO!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good Lord who raised you?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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