Solar eclipse visible from Antigua next Monday


On Monday next week people around the world, including Antigua & Barbuda, will witness a rare celestial event – a solar eclipse, which occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun.

Solar eclipses don’t come along every day, so it will be quite a treat to witness the event.

When the sun appears to be completely covered, it is known as a total solar eclipse. If part of the sun is still visible, it is known as a partial solar eclipse.

Viewers from Antigua & Barbuda will see a partial solar eclipse.

Solar eclipses occur because the moon orbits the Earth at an average of 239,000 miles – which is just the right distance for it to appear the same size in the sky as the much larger sun, which is 93 million miles away.

In Antigua, the eclipse will last two hours and 27 minutes.

It will start at 2:26 pm, peak at 3:44 pm and end at 4:53 pm.

Even when the sun is mostly obscured, direct exposure to its rays can cause eye damage. Eclipse glasses, solar filters for telescopes or homemade eclipse viewers are a necessity.


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  1. Dear Antigua NewsRoom. Although your post is informative and true, and it will be a rare event. Your article should have included the dangers of viewing the eclipse with the naked eye, especially it being a partial eclipse. In addition, information should have beep provided as to where or how to aquire the appropriate shades for viewing. The counterfeits on the market. Etc. However, for those who may not have shades, it will be live streaming on NASA official website.

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