Sodo casino –Bringing Revolution In The Online Casinos


Online Sodo casino casinos are much more convenient, fun, and safe to gamble. Someone who is not particularly great with computers nowadays can perfectly play safe. For a basic understanding, casinos are nothing but public rooms with exquisite appearance where many people play simple games by wagering money and, based on luck; they earn back. So if the Casino is a room, how can it be online? Unlike conventional casinos, online casinos create a room digitally in the computer where you will have your account, wallet, and e-space to play.

What does Sodo casino have on its plate:

Sodo casino is one of the most prestigious Online Casino websites in Vietnam today. Apart from online betting and lottery services, they also offer casino services too. Sodo casino does many assessments on how an online casino can be legal and less fraudulent. They have some observations made which help us understand how to choose a casino before getting into it see more


  • The betting license should be legal, transparent, reputable, provided by the host country government, and must clearly state the information on the website.
  • High level of data security, safety, transparency, and fairness.
  • Operating time on the market must be from 1 year.
  • Game stores offering diverse games
  • Stable access speed, low latency live viewing.
  • Strong financial capacity.
  • The transaction is fast and does not last more than one day.
  • Multiple payment gateways for home and foreign players show transparency and genuineness.
  • Professional customer care service 24/7.
  • The casino house/room interface is easy to use, with full mobile and desktop versions.
  • Check for clean history, no money scams.

Sodo casino abides by all these points and has a lot to offer. Also named Red Number casino, it’s a prestigious online casino, continuously improving its quality, which has created prestige and attraction for players.

Games Sodo casino offers:

Licensed by PAGCOR – Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Philippines Game and Entertainment Administration), Sodo has legally authorized services.  Let us now look into the games that sodo casino offers.

Disc shock

Disc shock, commonly called Xoc disc, is a viral betting game in Vietnam, known and most popular in the North. The game was first found in Vietnam around 1909, originally imported from China.

The tool for Xoc Disc is quite simple. The participants will place bets with a set limit. One would put a coin on a plate, close it with a bowl, turn it over and shake it so that no one could see them. The player has to predict the coin’s outcome, whether it is with the face-up when opening the bowl.

There are different combinations in playing this game. Generally, it is 1, 2, or 4 coins, each with one color.


Baccarat is simply a guessing card game played at Casino. Baccarat is a French way of saying ‘0’. Some sources suggest that the origin of this game dates was back in the late 15th century from the country Italy. It’s simply a game about betting, which hand out of two that are dealt. That is the Banker’s hand and the Player’s hand – who will win. The winning hand will score highest within the 9 points. Any number of players can play. All they have to do is guess. There will be three-bet boxes for Player, Banker, and Tie. In addition, there will be a dealer to deal with the card distribution and takes commission on winning bets.

Sic Bo (Sic Bo)

Sic bo (in Vietnam , meaning “big and small and as called in the Philippines and Thailand hi-lo which is nothing but High-Low in English. It is a purely luck-based game with three dice, each with 6 faces, each with the dots 1-6.  Gambler places his chips/coins on a bet box on the table and makes a bet on what is the outcome of dice. The dice are rolled and if the outcome matches your bet, you win. Most major Sodo casino  in the US have this game besides Baccarat and Roulette.


Roulette is the most popular gambling game in casinos, be it in legal or illegal. Roulette is basically a “small wheel”. The Player can choose to bet on one or more types of bets say, single number, different groups of numbers, red or black, whether the number is odd or even, high or low amongst 0 to 37.

A player spins the wheel attached to a number wheel in a certain direction. Then he will throw a small ball in the opposite direction around an inclined circle running around the outer edge of the wheel.  The ball slowly loses momentum and lands on one of 37 numbers (zero – French/European single roulette) or 38 numbers (zero and 00 – American), and they win if the ball lands as per his bet.

Shake crab gourd

Shaking gourd or tiger crab is a popular gambling game in Vietnam. It’s kind of similar to the Sic Bo, where three dice are used, which have six sides each, but in place of regular numbers, they will have six characters or symbols on each side.

Given the name, there can be a Crab or Gourd and a Rooster. The game starts when the dealer puts the dice in a saucer. Players are asked to make their guess, and once all bets have been placed, the dealer takes the dice from the saucer and rolls them in a bowl. The dice are placed back while the bowl is removed to show the outcome.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an online video game, also known as an online money-making game that many people have known and play this game for many years. The name of this game is also used as betting doors during the game.

With this Sodo casino  online game, players will be exposed to 3 doors: the Dragon door, the Tiger door, and the TIE door (the Draw door). After placing a bet, the Player will be given two cards and whoever has the highest score wins.

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