Socialism, Capitalism and Corruptionism


By Makeda Mikael

In my lifetime we have seen three main system of government operating around the world as we in the Caribbean have been slowly becoming independent — Socialism where the State owns and operates the economy for the people, Capitalism where free enterprise allows the rich to get richer regardless of the state of the poor, and in recent times the creeping coup of CORRUPTIONISM, governing by dictatorship and enrichment of Government officers and their immediate families.

I think it was Karl Marx who said the best time to convert to Socialism was at the height of Capitalism, however our neighbour in the U.S., Trump, is still fighting to establish his brand of corruptionism, which his friends in Russia and North Korea embrace.

Let us face it, corruptionism requires corruptors and corruptees, and where a people have been controlled for many centuries, corrupt leaders replace the former oppressors who then assume the role of the corruptor.

Corruptionism has been the main system operating in Africa to such an extent that it is considered the approved system, which applies in most African countries, but covered up and presented as the parliamentary and administrative systems of their various colonizers.

Basically the systems of government of the developing world present to the world a view that they can live with and which the regional and international organizations are expected to accept when their leaders pontificate on the international stage.

Corruption in the Caribbean is often introduced by the corrupters of our past as special agents of the former colonizers whose economic power changes hand as the economy shifts between British and American control.

Tourism, which is the dominant sector of the economy, and aviation, the transportation, are unique vessels to move money around, to acquire property and routes, while both provide the ability to operate financially abroad and provide only as much information locally as needed to pass muster. Great ways to maintain corruption without local records.

Unless political parties prepare to initiate changes in the administration of government from day one before  accepting the cushy comforts of corruption and the congratulatory bribes of the corrupters, who will all prevent and pre-empt any anti-corruption measures from being implemented.

On 108 sq. miles everyone knows how much money persons in Antigua earn; they also know what property is owned and how it was gotten; the complicity of silence about the big money and property, which has been suddenly acquired by elected officials, their family and close associates and is deafening!

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  1. This is amazing. Clearly Mrs. Mikael you have skin in the game as you are deeply involved in the aviation industry over which you now cast these disturbing aspersions of corruption. You are part of the very same class of rich and powerful who have access to the politicians whom you accuse of corruption. Its time the public not only call out our political leaders but our business leaders and hold the whole lot accountable. I asked a question as to who brought the ‘white’ company to Antigua as referenced in your previous opinion piece and all I get as an answer is that the penultimate paragraph speaks to it. Really? Speaks to it? I asked who. You speak in platitudes to clearly achieve your own ends without the public getting the true and full picture. Clearly you have a platform to major media sources in Antigua unlike the ordinary members of the public, but you should be challenged because I for one do not believe your intentions are entirely pure.

    • yep well said. Sometime ago she was pushing for the said corrupt politicians to buy her out. Since they have made clear their opinion that her price is ridiculous, she is now on the attack. No doubt if they had agreed to her price she would label them the best thing since slice bread

    • People try not to compare the two parties because UPP never never those conduct in office in 2004- 2009. No enrichment was taking please. People must be fair minded.They are not the same.

      • You are surely a blind bartimus.
        What of the debacle with John William Ashe, the UN, a Chinese and a high high elected official.
        Selected amnesia I see. Smh.
        You party supporters are the pits.

  2. All of a sudden she becum wan attarity bout wha supposed to be black not white…now a new one has emerged!!!! Give me a break.

  3. @Makeda: What type of Governance is there in Antigua and Barbuda,today. Which one applies, Socialism, Capitalism, Corruptionism or Bobolism. What I have seen in my life time in Antigua. Many persons enter politics with one purpose in mind. To enrich themselves by any means necessary. Look around,some could not even by a bicycle,before Politics. Then they would win their seats. The riches would then fall into their laps like manna from the sky. They would build a $5 million home. Buy the most fancy and expensive cars. While those whom they are supposed to represent, starving from hunger daily. It is a damn shame. Where is that so called Integrity Commission. Sleeping is bed with the DAWGS. They would arise with fleas.

    • Don’t talk about no commissioner. Isn’t he suppose to be the lawyer for all of the dirty land deals. Is his wife the registrar of lands?.

  4. WHARF RAT you are absolutely correct and the system of Corruption and Bobolism we must try to change. Yes, politics in these islands and many parts of the world is seen as a vehicle for enrichment. The problem is that in these small islands such level of corruption and bobolism retards the development of the society tremendously.

    • And the party you so openly support any better than the current administration? Both parties corrupt as hell and both specialize in self enrichment.

  5. You are surely a blind bartimus.
    What of the debacle with John William Ashe, the UN, a Chinese and a high high elected official.
    Selected amnesia I see. Smh.
    You party supporters are the pits.

  6. Good let’s get the debate going on social media cause that is all we have! Check the content and cool out on the bad mindedness and lub-ugly! In order for poor people to be corrupted there must be a corrupter! It is a South of the Equator condition, side effects of colonization!

  7. to be corrupted there must be a corrupter!
    Are you speaking of yourself?
    Cause the Antigua and Barbuda law states that when a company is in liquidation the employees should get paid first. How come you get a settlement of an asset that could have been sold for at least $25million. But some crazy valuator signed off for $6million and the receivers quickly bamboozled the judge that it was in the interest of the estate to settle with you. Something surely doesn’t smell good here.

  8. Sidelines:What has this woman done to you? Did she dumped you along the way? Are you now a man scorned?

    • Try and remember this the the same lady Sir Lester publicly claimed he sent to comfort Cort when he was overseas studying and was feeling overwhelmed

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