Social Security told to rollback 100 dollar fee


Cabinet decided to instruct the Social Security Board to roll back the new instructions that were announced last week, to impose a $100 fine on any employer for errors made per page on submissions to Social Security.

The board said it was doing so in accordance with the laws governing the scheme.

The Cabinet deemed this pronouncement to be unilateral, without any prior discussion, and to be at variance with Government policies not to impose nuisance taxes on businesses.

“While businesses must pay taxes, those taxes must be well-defined and not whimsical, the Cabinet declared. The Gaston Browne administration is not at war with business like its predecessor administration,” a government statement said.

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  1. You know what is really ridiculous in all of this, the very same people sat by and allowed the Social Security Scheme to be bankrupt….. In all of their discussions did they say when the will start to pay any of the $650mn EC that they the Government owes the scheme?

  2. Some people dont even pay 30 dollars a month ..who are the board members what brains do they have to be on this board they are really clueless…….but i guess they supported the alp so they put thempan a board…..bunch a useless dums …….they need to know that the problem with the social security happened along long time ago when they used the money to do all kina shittery

  3. Chups… dem people always a come with wan story. Social Security jus a tek tek tek and nah give nobady nuttin. Soon from now u go hear bout an increase

  4. Whts the purpose paying Medical and social ,and when am not working i cant get back a cheque …

    I believe the government told a great stand to ask Social Security to roll back this fee. It really shows that we have a leader a the head that is not thinking about the pennies but of the dollars and is therefore very forward thinking. The businesses must be able to stive and work in harmony with these bodies to allow everyone to prosper. Social Security has been making changes to the rates recently and tberefore you can anticipate some errors since everyone might not be knowledgeable. Therefore Social Security you need to work with these business places and if possible find an easier way for these businesses to make their remittances. Dont just sit back and expect everything to be okay for you and all you have to do is to collect.

    Antigua is already rated as a difficult place to do business, we dont want to make it worse. We have to encourage more business here, then more people get employed and more money for Social Security – Win /Win situation.

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