Social Security pension payments will not commence on Aug. 31


The Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board (ABSSB) regrets to advise that pension payments for August 2020 will not commence on Aug. 31, 2020 for our walk-in.

We have experienced technical difficulties with our cheque printer, and this has unfortunately impacted the printing of cheques, which will result in delayed pension payments for August 2020.

The problem has been identified and the necessary steps take to address the issue.

Our sincerest apologies are extended for the inconvenience caused, however circumstances occurred beyond our control.

Pension payments for walk-in will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020.



  1. Here is an idea.Let those responsible for printing those checks,work some extended hours.That is done in situations like these.It would eliminate a back log of checks made payable to those poor pensioners.
    @Tenman:I told you that some Pensioners in Antigua were not paid for July to this day August 28,2020.I got to the meat of the matter.It has been resolved in principal.Let me see what happens for August.When both months are to be paid as promised.If that is not done.I would be dragging and raking them over the coals.

  2. Due to Covid the government doesn’t have the funds to prop up Social Security with CIP monies as before. Therefore the cash flow issues with Social Security which are now exacerbated because of the high un-employment will be unmasked. My question is has the Social Security adjusted their spending accordingly. I mean in times like this the last things to pay are un-necessary expenses and board fees. And believe me when I say there are lots of unnecessary expenses in that organization. They need to have a cost cutter. Staff should start taking a hair cut to begin at 10% for the first three months and another 10% thereafter. Priority payments are pensioners who have to live from paycheck to paycheck in order to purchase basic foods. I suggest all these pensioners utility bills be either suspended or written off.

    • From the Sidelines:You say the staff should take a hair cut.How about those high priced Members of Parliament taking a hair cut.They get just about all things free,to include utilities.I have not seen where any of those greedy rotund folks gave up one cent.How could you be suggesting staff at Social Security take a hair cut?I am not getting off this Pensioners late payment band wagon until it is rectified.Enough is enough.This crap has been going for far too long.Way before Covid-19 came into Antigua and Barbuda.

    • @Jennifer Nelson: Did you send in the Life Certificate on time? If you did not.You should do so as soon as possible.Because they would use that as an excuse for your delays.You could also let them send the money to an account in Antigua.Instead of overseas to you.Just and idea.

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