Social Protection Awareness Campaign A Success

Hon. Dean Jonas

The rollout of sweeping changes to the social protection system aimed at improving the lives of thousands of people in Antigua and Barbuda has been making considerable headway.

In August 2021, the Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy, in collaboration with UNICEF, launched an awareness campaign to educate the public on the significant changes to the Government’s Social Protection system and the move from the Poor Relief Act of 1961 to the Social Protection Act of 2020.

The changes represent a transformation in the way social protection is perceived and delivered. Under the Poor Relief Act, there were no clear standardized eligibility criteria to identify poor and vulnerable individuals who needed to be supported, decisions were left to the Board of Guardians on a case-by-case basis.

The new Social Protection Act remedies this and makes other critical modifications. It represents what Social Protection policies and programmes should be: an inclusive approach where the vulnerable are covered and have the ability to thrive.


The new Social Protection Act was enacted with the goal to improve the plight of those in need, especially the poor and vulnerable.

  • The process is systemized, with the legislation prescribing the setting of clear eligibility criteria that can be communicated to the population, for a more accountable system (easier to appeal/respond to an appeal);
  • Support has moved from the individual to the household level, with focus given to the specific needs of each member;
  • The Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development, and the Blue Economy, within the Department of Social Policy, Research and Planning is in charge of assisting the newly established Social Protection Board. The goal is to develop and apply clear targeting guidance for the programmes managed by the Social Protection Board. The new act also includes eligibility criteria which have simplified clear, targeted guidelines developed to identify eligible individuals and households. For each target group, the household’s income must be less than or equal to $1,500XCD.  The target groups are:
  1. The elderly with low income in a household of two or less, aged 65+
  2. Single parents/caregivers with low income and two or more dependents, where dependents are elderly, aged 65+, children aged 0-17 and/or persons with severe disabilities.
  3. Low-income households with a number of dependents. This consists of parents/caregivers with three or more dependents who are elderly, aged 65+, children aged 0-17 and/or persons with severe disabilities.
  4. Low-income households with individuals living with severe disabilities. This includes respondents who reported “a lot of difficulties” and “cannot do at all”. (i.e. physical impairments, visual impairments etc.).


The Ministry continues to reaffirm the public’s commitment to support individuals and families in need by securing appropriate living standards and offering accessible and affordable life necessities. To date, the Ministry of Social Transformation has completed the first phase of the recertification process, which is the re-registration of the social protection beneficiaries.

For more information on the eligibility criteria, contact the Social Protection Board at 268-562-7515/562-7516 or email: [email protected]. Visit the Social Protection Board headquarters on Cross Street to pick up an application form.


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    Candidates stole the money from the church collection plate ?
    Awaiting an answer.

  2. @ SAMIDY
    WOW you must be joking. Who the hell would do something like that…The Person will be cursed forever. I shall do some investigation.If this is true…Why the Hell UPP attracts these CRIMINALS ?

  3. Election incoming – the ABLP’s magic money tree 💰 🌳 just turned into a forest 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

    Line up, line up, everybody line up!

    Remember ABLP, payment is better than expressions of gratitude.

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    Which Political Party in Antigua / Barbuda fits the above description.?

  5. @ AIME
    The whole world knows which Political Party fits the bill. The Candidates that fit the bill will be EXPOSED when the BIG RED machine is rolled out. We in St. George cannot wait to expose the UPP Candidate running in St. George. UPP has AWFUL Candidates.

  6. Clearview no pay, Police no pay, waste management workers no pay. Nurses, teachers, communications people, fireman NO PAY. Stop this nonsense. This BS is not what people want we want water and people want the money they work for. All these waste of time programs means nothing cause the government to have NO INTENTION to actually make it work. It’s ALL FOR SHOW. Government buildings needs repair, Internet sucks the postal system is a joke can’t deliver overseas mail get stuck in custos at VC Bird Int Airprt. DE PLACE DUTTY Clean um then you can come with fluff. Put a wheel chair ramp on the back of the damm hospital. Do that and stop the NOISE!

  7. Dean Jonas , why now with your bogus program. Y’all like to insult peoples intelligence. What happen to the last several years? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Y’all too wicked. All the time people come to you about hardship and poverty and you stop answering your phone but now you looking vote you fabricating programs. Galang Dean.

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