Social commentator satisfied that Mangroves, Wetlands and Salt Pond will not be destroyed at Seaforth

Photos Courtesy Southwell

Social Commentator Frank Southwell recently toured the Seaforth Estate where land clearing is ongoing and gave this review. A petition has been launched to stop the so-called destruction of mangroves and wetlands.


“FB Frenz: I too got this petition to “Save the Mangroves at SeaFort”


Coincidentally, I happened to know an individual who is involved in the project, so I called him and ask if I could get a personal tour of the area.


Upon reaching the site, I was taken on a fact-finding tour. This is what I saw.


There were two bodies of water which interested me: the WETLANDS, fully fringed by thick growths of mangrove and the SALTPOND.


The Wetlands were a part of the sea, which is a nursery for millions of tiny fish. The Salt Pond, however, is replenished with rainwater and sea water during storms. The Salt Pond is an oasis of life for scores of birds and other migratory fauna.


The developers assured me that nothing will be touched north of the dirt road. In other words, the complete MANGROVES/ WETLANDS will remain as is. There is absolutely NO reason or cause to interfere with that most important area.


As for the Salt Pond, the same principle obtains. The developers are quite aware of the importance of the Salt Pond and are planning to bring consultants / specialists to enhance the ecosystem and life associated with the pond.


There are many hills in the large zone. Those are the primary interests of the owners and property developers.


There are other fertile, sloping lands which have excellent agricultural potential.


In closing, I will clearly say that the Mangroves, Wetlands and Salt Pond will not be destroyed, reduced, modified or moved for any reason, whatsoever.”

Photos Courtesy Southwell

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  1. I know a friend who knows a friend. He said that she said. Why can’t these developers speak for themselves? A real cartoon country with a political brothel as the main setting.

  2. Developer promises are not worth much. Is the DCA taking steps to protect the environment in this development or are the developers being given Carte Blanche by the DCA and the Environment Ministry to destroy the environment as they like? Why is the government so silent in the environment here? The DCA is supposed to regulate developers to ensure they do no harm.

  3. Is Frankie Political Thut Southwell is doing Diane Blacklane’s job? I can remember not one scintilla of mangroves will be destroyed by YIDA . Some people walk on their knees .

  4. I would like to think we have a very independent and capable and professional Department of Environment to safeguard and protect our interest. We do not need so-called environmental clowns to cause mischief. Diane Black- Layne and her team have so far done an excellent job. They are very independent in giving their professional opinions to the Cabinet and holding developers to the letter of the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The Afrocentric method considers phenomena to be diverse, dynamic, and in motion and therefore it is necessary for a person to accurately note and record the location of phenomena even in the midst of fluctuations. This means that the investigator must know where he or she is standing in the process.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

      It is reported that the Good “Social Commentator Frank Southwell recently toured the Seaforth Estate!” The Professorship at UWI Five Islands Campus recently advised all of Humanity that approximately 10% of the People of African Descent resident on Antigua and Barbuda have “Credentials!” “The unpreparedness of the educated classes, the lack of practical links between them and the mass of the people, their laziness, and, let it be said, their cowardice at the decisive moment of the struggle will give rise to tragic mishaps.”
      ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

      The Photos which have been produced, as much as it pains ethically to venture into this “bog,” clearly show that no Environmental Mitigation Procedures (none that any Reputable and Professional Civil or Environmental Engineer would stake his/her reputation on either in a Court of Law or before his/her peers in a Legal Registered Engineering Association) were catalogued and recorded from the means or methods employed by the contractor engaged in the Civil Works to date! What has been constructed as shown without any mitigation
      barriers in place as the Project would be expected to progress further is an ecological disaster in waiting! “The cognitive and structural aspects of a paradigm are incomplete without the functional aspect. There is something more than knowing in the Afrocentric sense; there is also doing. Afrocentricity holds that all definitions are autobiographical.” – Asante!

      FTS, Success in abundance during 2022! This mere voice in the wilderness has lauded the work of Ambassador Madame Dianne Black-Layne as being that of a true Champion! Her department’s Project Management of the recent improvements at the Pond at Woods and Drainage Ditch has left a lot to be desired and is not “an excellent job!” “What resonates more with people than understanding that we are central to our history, not someone else’s? If we can, in the process of materializing our consciousness, claim space as agents of progressive change, then we can change our condition and change the world.” – Asante!

      Oh Gad! Who am I to blow against the North East Trade Winds!

  5. What is a so called Social Commentator? Is that someone seeking and or looking to be relevant in the Country. I have an ACRE of land in that WIEZ.Keeping my eyes on all movements near it.I hope they do not trespass onto my Property.

  6. Frank Southwell: You mentioned Salt Pond in your discourse.Where in the WIEZ is that SALT POND? Since I were a boy in Antigua,there was one Salt Pond in Antigua at Deep Bay.It was destroy by an Administration to be a Yacht Basin.To this day not one damn Yacht has ever been inside that unfinished project.That Salt Pond of which I speak is that body of water in front of The Royal Antiguan Hotel at Deep Bay,Five Islands.

  7. Some of us just turn political whores. Some of us brother is nothing but a ghost town and some kind of country planner. Some of us should’ve been in jail for stealing fuel 25 years ago or more while being a so-called engineer at liat.

    Them now talking and they help cripple liat with the pilfering. I wonder if the so-called social commentator will remember that and ask God for mercy

  8. Frank Southwell…really?? You take the developer at his word and swallow their nonsense without even stopping to fact check or independently analyze? What did you expect them to say? Yes we are going to destroy the mangroves and wider environment?? Come on Frankie…you can do better than that. Antiguans and Barbudans are fare wiser than this to accept the trickery of these developers.

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