So, The (Legendary) British Conservative “Herd” Just Disgorged its 4th Prime Minister in 6 Years?


by Arvel Grant

So, The (Legendary) British Conservative “Herd” Just Disgorged its 4th Prime Minister in 6 Years?

I must  apologize  most emphatically, to my readers for suggesting that Liz Truss,  could lead her conservative Unionist  to a defeat at the hands of the British Labour Party at the next General elections in 2025.

Instead of “limping” to a defeat in 2 years, Liz Truss, lasted a very turbulent  45 days in office…

It is worth recalling  that,  the financial market,  which rules the City of London while acquiescing  fiscal and monetary policies, instructed Ms Truss,  to drop  her conservative make-belief policies, about unfunded  tax-cuts for the rich. In strict obedience to the supreme  majesty of market forces, Mis.  Truss dropped her fiscal make-belief plans and  fired her close friend and newly minted Finance Minister…

Nonetheless, confusion and political mayhem,  took over the Commons  during and immediately following the weekly Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Allegations ran wild,  that the Parliamentary Whip,  used bullying and strong-arm tactics in “man-handling” conservative members into voting for the Government,  on an opposition sponsored motion.

By Thursday morning,  An isolated  PM Liz Truss,  appeared on the steps of 10 Downing Street,  to announce her resignation after 45 days in office…

The UK  Monarch certainly cannot change British governments, but the financial market and  the City of London can.

So, as the market turns and the conservative leadership trembles,  some in the  British Conservative Unionist Party,  are reportedly plotting,  to replace  Liz Truss  with her defeated rival, Sunak.

Though popular at street-level, Sunak as British PM is   far from a certainty. There are several other possible  candidates (including other   people of colour, with acceptable conservative credentials…

If Sunak or another market-friendly  candidate of colour,   makes it  into the winners enclosure, the indomitable  financial markets  will be entitled to its fare share of complements.


And, the British Conservative Unionist Party,  will have pointed the way to more inclusive government at the level of Prime Minister…

Whether or not  the  British Labour party agrees, If a UK Government led by Sunak (or another market-friendly candidate) pleases the City of London, the Conservative could (yet) make it through the next general elections undefeated. They have a vast majority in the Commons and  2 years is a very, very long time in politics.

Of course, Boris Johnson’s friends are calling for him to make a return.  Comeback-kid? Or refurbished rocket?

Walk good until next time.

Arvel Grant, Political and Current Affairs Analyst.

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