Snapchat vs Instagram: Which is Best for Brand Marketing


be able to relate to your brand.Just take your camera and click some pics. Hurray! You can share every moment of your daily life in real-time with a single tap of your pointer.

Now, photos are the most popular trend in social media marketing. Both Instagram and Snapchat are leading the pack. Moreover, as you get popular on Instagram and Snapchat, your brand identity grows proportionately. To improve engagement and brand reach, you have to buy Instagram followers from the best site

With some captivating filters, GIFs, memes and a three-word caption, you have a humongous platform to have millions of people in stitches. But which platform is better for brand marketing? Keep scrolling!

Gen. Z Vs Millennials

Firstly, let’s talk numbers. Coming to the user base, you will find that Instagram has around three times more users than Snapchat. However, let’s go deeper.

It’s indisputable that millions of young people use Snapchat and Instagram. However, numbers show that Snapchat is more popular among Generation Z.

If your target audience is teens and young adults, Snapchat may be a better option. Over 40% of Snapchat users are under the age of 24.

Is your niche something related to fashion or beauty? You might consider Snapchat as women account for 70% of all Snapchat users.

In addition to that, Generation Z users stay on Snapchat for about 40 minutes a day on average. Again if we talk numbers, the three times larger user base of Instagram might bury your posts even before they reach your target audience.

Nevertheless, if your brand focuses on Millennials, Instagram will better suit your business needs, Instagram is a cut above Snapchat when it comes to its popularity among Millennials.

In a platform as competitive as Instagram, you have to make sure that your posts reach the target audience. For this, you have to get popular on Instagram and boost your organic reach. Also, you have to gain Instagram followers to enhance your brand visibility.

Seeming Approachable Vs Looking Professional

Just go to an Instagram page and look at the images. Regardless of the niche or business, you will find that they are often modified to perfection. The images will be professionally edited, filtered and consistent.

On the other hand, Snapchat images are often unedited and raw. This alone will help you make a decision- if you’re having trouble seeming approachable to your target audience, the raw Snapchat images will be your trump card. However, if you want to establish a brand identity, Instagram is the best place for you.

Advertisements and Analytics

You know how important ads are for marketing your brand. Looking at the stats, Instagram receives around two million adverts every month. Not only that, but 3 out of 10 users make a purchase after seeing advertisements on Instagram.

Moreover, advertising on Instagram will cost substantially less than advertising on Snapchat. With an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.70 to $1.00, Instagram rules the pack.

In addition to that, Instagram ads reach 20% of all 13-year-olds on the planet. Being a competitive platform for brand marketing, you have to get popular on Instagram to improve your brand visibility. Also, you have to gain Instagram followers to improve your brand awareness.

Furthermore, you will get free analytics tools on Instagram to track the success of your ads. If you are already using Facebook for advertising, you can use it to run Instagram ads and track them.

Coming to Snapchat, you have to pay for analytics tools. Tools like Snaplytics will cost you $19 per month.


Potential followers can look at your profile and its content before taking any decision. That’s because you can make your Instagram page public.

On the other hand, people can view your Snapchat account only if they add you. Therefore, some users may be hesitant and sceptical to add you because they can’t see what’s in store beforehand.

For budding businesses, there’s a considerable transparency issue here.

Furthermore, you have to be ultra-active on Snapchat. Within 24 hours, all of your content will vanish. This might include vital information about your brand. On the other hand, your Instagram followers can see all of your posts at any time.

In addition to that, people can find crucial information about your company on your Instagram bio. From the company website to opening hours, everything is public.

Gain Instagram followers so that your followers’ count will speak for your brand. This level of transparency might be used as a touchstone to measure your brand’s genuineness, transparency and trustworthiness.

Wrapping It Up

Who’s the winner now? Instagram or Snapchat? Whoever it may be, we recommend you select the platform that is most appropriate for your target market and brand. Your choice must align with your business priorities.

To boost engagement and get popular on Instagram or Snapchat, you have to understand that the quality of your content is just as important as the platform you choose. Your audience should feel your online presence and must

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