Snap elections in Antigua and Barbuda would find the UPP battle-ready, Pringle assures


REAL NEWS: Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle says that opposition parties should always be ready for elections, and declares that the United Progressive Party (UPP) – of which he is deputy political leader – is ready for the pending polls.

Pringle’s remarks followed the snap elections called by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley for January 19, some 18 months before they were constitutionally due.

This reportedly caught the opposition flat footed, and Mottley had a clean sweep of the polls, winning all 30 seats.

Pringle acknowledges that Mottley had the advantage, since the law gives her the power to call an election at any time.

However, if Prime Minister Gaston Browne were to do the same thing here, the UPP would not be caught off-guard, Pringle says.

He notes that the Party has been campaigning since 2019, starting with its Mobilization Mondays.

Elections are constitutionally due in Antigua and Barbuda in 2023.  However, the UPP will formally launch its election campaign on Thursday, January 27, with a drive-in rally in St. George.

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  1. CLOWN show is ready ???? This is another WHOPPING.
    Waiting to see the following..


    These are the type of Persons UPP attracted.

    ABLP. 17 SEATS

    UPP. 00 SEAT

    • Hey, Ingram, there is nothing wrong with being a “scoop ice cream lady”. We need more MPs who come from the ordinary people. However, “convicted murderers”, “child molesters” should be opposed by everybody, including the party leadership and the Freedom Movement marchers. The streets should be full of protesters. Call out the Freedom Marchers.

    • Its a pity people like you who runaway from Antigua did not know the hell we went through during the period 2004-2014. UPP is no damn saint. UPP had their chance and their performance was a disaster. UPP is not the party to rescue Antigua. Harold Lovell tenure as minister of Finance says it all. You can gwan pretend you don’t know about UPP awful performance but not everybody suffering from memory loss.

      • Dem people (UPPITES) were so wicked and bad minded they took back lands from poor Antiguans if they perceive you to be ALBP supporters. They were the worst to govern Wadadli. They fired poor people left and right. They closed down a radio station that opposed them, they called it night soul radio and now these hypocrites are parading on the same radio station daily. You couldn’t criticize them as an employee or get fired right away. Dem used to hang out west of Joe mikes and harass known ABLP supporters. Under no circumstances they should be given a scintilla chance of governing Wadadli again. Dem too wicked and vindictive.. Never again….

    • Hey, Brix, are you the runaway they say you is? You seem to be out of touch, from other time. This is 2022. ABLP will win every seat. Then the official leader of the opposition currently in Parliament will become the official Leader of the UPP. It’s as simple as that. Single Pringle is deh man!!!!

    • Y’all living in the PAST, remember, if Gaston ‘Gassy’ Browne run too soon, he gwine lose all he seats …

      • Really now Brix you come on here acting like UPP was not given a chance. They got not one but TWO chances and they blew it. Harold Lovell performance as minister of finance was a disgrace people like myself were victimized because they were labeled “Bird people” gwan pretend that 2004-2014 nah exists.

        • @Ameisa. You are correct about the UPP VICTIMIZING people. It was Hilson Baptiste who publicly declared that ´we must end Birdism once and for all. Mi nar gah feel good a work inna nun Ministry wid FARTEE Bird peeple round me´. The UPP even condemned it to the dustbin of history. and now Sean Bird a edge-up arnda dem. He will soon learn.

  2. Any truth to the rumours that CORTWRIGHT MARSHALL HAS BEEN KICKED TO THE CURB LIKE A CHEATING EX as the UPP candidate for St. Mary’s South? Is it true that some “Shoogy” person was hauled in to take his spot after Lovell kicked out his childhood buddy from the slate of UPP Teenage Pageant contestants? Is it true that Cortwirght subsequently removed himself from all whatsapp chats linked to the UPP? Is it true that Cortwright has vowed to ensure that the people in that constituency VOTE AGAINST the UPP?

  3. What does the opposition think it takes to be ready? Is it merely having candiadtes in place? Should it not mean having oil in your lamp so you can get the job done? Everyone with a working brain knows the UPP has neither oil, solar or anything that can be turned into energy. Their candidates openly ddecre they do not even have water. Good thing their ensembly include cloth they can use as handkerchiefs. OMG will be airing the excuses and increased demands for election reforms (eg that the election date be set in stone ). The giddy days of BS having it in his back, then front pocket, long a memory

  4. The UPP is ready to save Antigua from the foreign miscreants. Gaston “farmer” Browne’s days are numbered. Call de election now! Antigua for Antiguans!

  5. Will the drive-in rally also cater for Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS?🚌

    And what of the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE IAN MAGIC HUGHES a.k.a “De Young Gyal Bubby Grabba”? Is he really going to be the Master of Ceremonies?

    Sherfield Bowen will be on stage too? (RIP TESSA BARTHLEY born January 29th 1981. The next 4 days would’ve been your 41st birthday). A life cut short.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Will there be any “moon shine” from ST. LUCIA? Or the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 is only for señoritas?

        • I understand the one running in Willikies area is bringing 5 cases of English Harbor and a roasted Barracuda for the after party. A dog name FWHL will eat first to see if it is poison.

          • His red eyes are a dead giveaway! Apparently he sent his ailing wife to live with his mama. If he can’t manage his household, how he going to run a Ministry?


  6. IF a “CONVICTED PEDOPHILE” MCs anything, there should be a mass demonstation led by the Freedom Movement protesters. Bring ’em on. Hide the children.

  7. Mr. Pringle it is known by now that yourself and Richard Lewis are patiently waiting for Mr. Lovell to make a butthole of himself one final time. Once the deadweight is cut loose by Melford Nicholas, then you and Richard can be free to run for party leadership. The Herculean task facing you two is to attract the right people to the party. Do NOT allow the elitist elements to usurp your authority/leadership. Evidently the party has attracted subpar candidates because of Lovell. Once he is gone, the will UPP stand a better chance of survival.

    • What you saying, Jack? UPP don’t have ANY super candidates. Lovell couldn’t attract even one. I feel his pain. Time to move on now.

  8. The entire UPP team will be dead weight for Antigua…. They certainly have nothing to offer but only hot air… they are not even ready to be the official opposition….. Now is the time for DNA to get to work….. Joanne Massiah and her team has alot more to offer to Antigua than those UPP frauds.

    • Not even “hot air” they could offer the people since the “new” engines they bought (WITHOUT PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL) didn’t do fart for electricity service.


    You are correct. Who the hell in Their right mind would believe this team can make a contribution. UPP cannot make an OPPOSITION. DNA get ready

  10. Mr Pringle, sir: You are the man. Soon you’ll be the political leader, not just the leader of the opposition. Harry aging out and he don’t look well. Soon it will be time for you to step in. Jus be careful the blue elites try to stop you. YOU IS THE MAN! You is the best they’be got!!!!!!! Hmmmm.

  11. Collin James will never beat you brother Pringle. He was chosen from a field of scamps, except the lady. He was the biggest scamp that is why he got the nod. Rumor say first mobilization 20,000.00 done gone . Well Pm need to put someone to manage the campaign finance in All Saints East. He was preparing to run as an independent candidate because he never expected to get the nod .

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