Sly J says he has left ZDK


OBSERVER NEWSCO: Renowned radio personality James Simon – also known as “The Chief Rocker” and “Sly J” – has cut ties with ZDK Liberty Radio where he has been a staple for decades.

The news was confirmed by Simon himself through a Facebook post where he not only revealed he would no longer be a voice on the station owned by Grenville Radio Limited, but will feature on another station from next week.

A jingle with Sly J’s voice has also been making the rounds since Wednesday on WhatsApp, in which he is inviting the public to tune into his new morning show on ‘We The People FM93.5’, the country’s newest radio entity.

For decades, the ‘Chief Rocker’ was a signature voice on the airwaves in the mornings on the Breakfast Show/Your View, speaking on numerous topical matters affecting the nation.

There has been much speculation since Simon’s announcement as to what exactly influenced his resignation.

Some have suggested it has to do with the apparent political transition of the radio station, long affiliated with the Labour Party and whose General Manager Sean Bird is a current United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate. However, Observer media could neither confirm or deny these allegations as Simon indicated he would comment on the matter at a later date.

There was also speculation that Simon would not be the only prominent employee expected to leave the country’s longest-running radio firm, but Bird, while speaking on Observer’s Voice of the People show yesterday, stated that he was aware of only one staff member who would be leaving the company.

He added that, based on discussions with staff who had been linked to these claims, they all denied it.

Regarding Sly J, Bird explained that he was unaware of his impending departure but was cognisant that there were several discussions ongoing. He did, however, wish him well.

“If it is that Sly J decided to move on, I wish him all the best and I hope that he is successful. He has played an integral part in Radio ZDK; I have nothing negative to say and I wish him all the best,” Bird said.

He added that this is a regular move in the media house when a major transition is happening as everyone will not be on board with specific changes.

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  1. Sean Bird 🐦 will be the death of ZDK. Poor Ivor. Your son is running your dream into the abyss. All the best to Sly J and the other employees who remain but will soon follow suit.

    If Sean can’t manage a radio station, how he expects to manage the Ministry of Tourism?

    • Two years ago, no-one would’ve heard a comment like that from you. Your kind cannot be trusted because of the numerous tongues you possess.

      • Sean Bird 🐦 vex because people call in and share their views about him and the UPP. He doesn’t like to hear anything bad being said about the same people who referred to the same zdk as “NIGHT SOIL RADIO”. Sean Bird is about to learn a crucial life lesson. Stay tuned.

        If Sean Bird 🐦 can’t even manage a radio station, then how he expects to manage the Ministry of Tourism?
        He is making a TERRIBLE MISTAKE in thinking that the same people who vowed to condemn his grandfather’s legacy to the “DUSTBIN OF HISTORY” actually give 2 shit about his little Bird 🐦 ass.

  2. Well well look how pikney ruin them parents legecy first Winston Derrick son run observer into the ground now Sean Blue Bird running zdk into the ground smh

      • 8K+ people listen to Pointe fm. Just ask Missa Knight. He admitted to the high number of views on Pointe fm 99.1 page, when he was lambasting UPP and Gisele for the PITIFUL LISTENERSHIP of Crusader Radio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Missa Knight lash out he dutty tongue on Mrs. Arrindell jack. And why is it that Missa Knight have a terrible gripe against Darren Matthew-Ward?

        • You tell me so many retards in Antigua? Gaston is dreaming of controlling the airwaves in Antigua just like he appears to control everything else.

  3. Antigua and Barbuda is soooooo POLITICAL.

    If my boss support a party, does that mean employees have to support same thing ?

    Why cant Sean Bird be Sean Bird and Sly J just be himself. Sean Bird isnt the problem. We are the problem expecting everything to be polarised. I dont care what party my boss supprots, we should all just work together.

    Party Politics will be the death of Antigua and Barbuda. We cant see past Blue or Red.

  4. ZDK should be given a national award like the two steel bands. Forget the politics , ZDK has been a culture giant. So if Chief Rocker decides to leave let’s thank him for the role he played in our national treasure. Point FM has deep pocket financier and government influences ( PM ). We are also living in an era when social media taken over, which makes it even more difficult to manage a radio station. Sly did evolve from a Disc-jockey to a very good talk show host. I can also bet his following will diminished and Zero out pretty soon. So probably it’s the end of ZDK era . Remember Moriseces on market street, remember drive in cinema , Gem and Delux , remember the plays at University center. Life is dynamic !

  5. I heard GB say when Pointe FM was opened, that the idea was for ZDK and Pointe FM to gang up against Observer Radio and run them out a business. GB make sure Observer got no government advertisements and he even pulled the editor of Observer newspaper from Observer. I’m sure the public will remember this. Now look how things are ending up? “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint”. Time will fix anything for good or for bad.

  6. Always tossing the sacred name and mission of “the Lord” into your devilish machinations! So sick and tired of this lunatic fringe of hypocrites parading/hiding behind a banner of “Christianity”!! Enough already. Remember, God is never mocked!!

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