Antigua Hospital Reinstates Mask-Wearing With Immediate Effect


The Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC) continues our work to keep patients, families, and staff safe through promotion of prevention measures, including the use of available vaccines.

Today, however, we face a newly complex challenge.

In addition to COVID-19, a host of respiratory viruses, including Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), have taken hold in many countries throughout the world.

These viruses, while often manageable, can cause serious outcomes, especially for children.

They can also strain our healthcare system, particularly the hospital.

In response to this, SLBMC is reinstating the wearing of masks by all persons when visiting a patient (inclusive of the Emergency Room) at the hospital.

All other persons utilizing services at the hospital—this includes our Outpatient Clinic—are being strongly encouraged to wear a mask.

“We are taking a community-wide approach to keep our patients and visitors safe. Masks have been recommended since the start of the pandemic.

At this point of higher risk, we have to mandate the mask use once again as part of our precautions this holiday and tourist season to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses and protect young children, older individuals, and those with underlying health conditions”, said Dr. Acheabea Dyer SLBMC Administrative Head of Infectious Disease & Employee Health.

Here are some precautions you can take to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses:

Staying up to date on vaccines, including Flu and COVID-19.


Keep your hands clean by washing them often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Not coughing or sneezing into your hands; sneeze or cough into your elbow.


Staying home when sick or symptomatic.


Wearing a well-fitting, high-quality mask when in public indoor spaces.


Thank you for everything that you are doing to keep you and those in your communities safe.

Have a healthy and safe holiday season.

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  2. “… Staying up to date on vaccines … including Covid-19 …”

    What a wicked, wanton and wearisome government!

    Dr.John Campell has recently released another hard-hitting video that again highlights the dangers of the current Covid-19 vaccines that our Health authorities are still pushing.

    This episode on YouTube is titled: VACCINE DANGERS …

    The main difference about this new revelation, is that it comes from a POLITICIAN addressing the House of Commons – yes, that’s right a politician! – that’s blowing the lid, and with plenty of facts, figures and data.

    Yet another good reason to kick Gaston Browne and the ABLP out of office at the next General Election.

    They know about the serious adverse effects and the well publicised Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS); and yet say nothing, but they still want Antiguans to take these dangerous mRNA injections 💉 💉

    PS. Also, note that no-one has put their name to this article … hmmm! 🤔

    Have a healthy and safe holiday season my fellow Antiguans.

  3. I am amazed to see that they are are still pushing these quackcines as a means of stopping COVID-19. Pfizer recently went before the Europarliament and admitted they never tested it for that. In florida, the surgeon general recommends against young men taking the shot, why? because there is evidence of increased heart damage. People let’s get real, you get COVID, you (most likely) get over it . Heart muscle doesn’t heal, it only scars. Myocarditis is not mild and it doesn’t go away.

    Did you know the “Flu shot” is only about 16% effective? What it is good at is making money, especially when the gov’t pays for it. Drink some bush, get some sun (yes this is proven by science), stay active. If you get the flu, take the time to get some rest and move on

  4. Antiguans & Barbidans, please be aware that the Influenza and RSV vaccines are produced using the mRNA technology. It is known, that the LNPs used to encase the mRNAs are highly inflammatory and bioditributes throughout the body –They can penetrate all barriers…(e.g.blood-brain barrier).
    Understand that parenteral administration of vaccines will elicit an immune response generating antibodies in the blood but, those antibodies CANNOT protect you from becoming infected with a respiratory virus. Mucosal antibodies are needed for effective protection against respiratory viruses.

    A strong and balanced immune system is your sword and shield. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting enough sunlight to make Vitamin D — or, take a supplement if direct 🌞 light isn’t possible. Make vitamins/minerals (A, C, D, Zinc, Selenium) a part of your immune building regimen.
    Food based supplements are superior to synthetic ones.


    • Additionally: There is and old article about fasting regenerating the entire immune system even in the elderly. Find @ 👇

      nationalpost dot com
      Fasting for three days renews entire immune system, protects cancer patients, remarkable new study finds

  5. When are we going to stand up to this BS!!
    More and more we hear from the MANY, MANY deaths among “vaccinated” people, let alone the myraid of side effects (many of them SERIOUS side effects) caused by the so-called covid-19 “vaccines”. That main stream media refuses to present this information doesnt mean that it can not be found using other sources. The number of deaths per year have increased trememdously (compared to any other year) in every single country AFTER the so-called vaccines were FORCED on people and so have the number of sudden development of cancers to stage 4, miscarriages, heart attacks, etc, etc, etc yet our lovely administration insists in promoting these weapons of mass destruction among our brothers and sisters. Put all of them on a line, let ME choose the vial that they will get and lets see how many of them consent to taking it

    • Totally agree with every word that you say @ Tired. However, I would go further.

      All those politicians and health officials who still want Antiguans to take Covid-19 vaccines like the blood-clotting and highly dangerous AstraZeneca.

      I would line them all up, get them to roll up their sleeves and allow vaccine injured Antiguans to inject them with the REAL AstraZeneca 💉 and not any type of placebo, that many of us believe they have taken to hoodwink us all!

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