Skilled tradesmen in Antigua are in demand, Cabinet says


The Cabinet held a discussion on developments in Barbuda.

The members determined that the largest project in Barbuda is causing many skilled tradesmen to engage in work there, since the project pays a whole lot more than equivalent projects in Antigua.

Skilled tradesmen in Antigua are in demand.

The Cabinet repeated its determination to ensure that all households in Barbuda, in existence before Hurricane Irma, will receive their plot of land on which their houses exist for $1.00 in consideration.

The Cabinet further decided that it would provide every adult Barbudan, resident on Barbuda before the hurricane, with one acre of land to ensure that the Barbudans are treated as a priority.



  1. Pleaseee, why is this Gaston Browne led government so obsessed with LANDS.
    WIFE is minister of LANDS.
    HUSBAND is minister of FINANCE.

    Ah wah? People in Antigua dat DOTISH?

  2. Well, they’re not just in demand. They are very scarce. They have no time for small jobs. I’ve been waiting months for a plumber and an electrician to do a small job for me. It’s beg I have to beg them. I can’t believe things have come to this. Your money is not worth anything. I wish I could help myself. Because what they do is not rocket science. But you must know what you are doing.

  3. I’m a skilled worker and also a non national and I’ve been waiting for two months for my self employed work permit to be approved, I guess Antigua isn’t really in need of skilled workers…

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