Skepticism is rife over Nigerian investor floating airline in Antigua and Barbuda


Skepticism is rife in Antigua and Barbuda over proposed Antigua Airways, a national airline in the Caribbean country in which “wealthy Nigerian investors” own the majority shares.

Nigeria Abroad has been reporting about the airline, which the Antiguan government boasts will connect the country to West Africa. Critics of the government have been doubtful, as are sections of the country’s media.

In a recent editorial titled A rather unfunny joke to be taken with several pinches of salt, the Antiguan Observer says apart from the country’s “pathetic” government notorious for fake promises, the Nigerian firm at the center of the story is dubious.

“For one thing, the parent company, Marvelous Mike Press Limited, based in Abuja Nigeria, with six to ten employees, appears to be branching off into the aviation business, and that is not an easy undertaking. They’ve only been in the printing business for about ten years, under the leadership of a gentleman named on their internet pages as ‘Mr Mike’.…

“Who would wish to do business with a supposedly reputable international printing company that makes so many mistakes in its own printed internet profile, as seen in the following script: ‘MARVELOUS MIKE PRESS limited is an ICT Driven Digital Security Printing, publishing solution Firm provided with the mandate of providing top-notch Prints services to individuals, groups, corporate bodies, non-/government department and private organizations, a multi-disciplined and indigenous company, managed and staffed by very reputable and experience professionals with the goal of delivering first-class services to its teaming clients.’ [Marvelous Mike Press Facebook] Sigh! (See how many grammatical errors you can spot in the above). Quite sad! Talk about not dotting ‘i’s’ and crossing ‘t’s’.  We will be taking this Antigua Airlines story with several pinches of sea salt.”

Going harder on the government, the editorial says: “Folks, this administration, now grown famous for attracting investors who have not delivered, is desperately grasping at straws before the next election. They have precious little to show for their stewardship over these past four years, and they are now flippantly making vain promises, trying to convince anyone who will listen that good things are about to come on stream. Don’t forget their overly optimistic declaration that Jolly Beach should be ready for opening in a few months. That was patented bs. They knew that it was bs at the time that they gleefully made the announcement, but they said it anyway. It is of a piece of the way that they do business. Of course, Josef Goebbels, the disgraced German Minister of Propaganda under the Nazi regime, would be tickled. He made famous the notion that if you repeat bs, over and over again, it gains an aura of certitude. Those in high places in this administration are of the Goebbels’ school of thought.

“We suggest that the voters of Antigua and Barbuda dismiss all the grandiose promises that will be made by the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) between now and election day. They are all designed to seduce and fool – propaganda of the highest order. Be not deceived.” by NigeriansAbroad

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  1. The usual promise to assist with the Investment link to a promise of campaign finance. Every election cycle. Not new

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