SJDC Wants Parking Meters In St. John’s


A bidding process is expected to be undertaken as the St. John’s Development Corporation mulls the installation of parking meters in the city.

The government thinks that the installation of these meters will help address parking and congestion issues in St. John’s.

SDJC says it would like to see the roll out of parking meters because it will be a new source of revenue for the corporation.

The Sunshine hub car park was expected to address many of the issues related to parking in St. John’s but that project is stalled despite efforts by the government to raise new funding for it.

There are two small privately owned paid parking areas in St. John’s but many motorist still encounter major hassle to park at a convenient location.

SJDC did not say when it intends to implement the new parking meters.



  1. This is a case of putting the cart before the horse. Parking meters are generally used to police the length of parking are are usually installed to ensure short term parking. Without adequate general parking such as the sunshine hub where would individuals who part at 7:45 for work and return at 5 after work park?

    • They pay for a monthly parking spot to park or they carpool to work or they get dropped off and picked back up. This is normal all over the world. Less congestion. Most of the parking in town is taken up by people who work in town which is unfair to customers.

    • The Chinese seem to be the go to guys for the government so why don’t the government have them complete the car park and use the revenue generated to repay the loan. Ok, may be the the government will find other uses for the revenue.

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