Six-Year-Old Boy Is The Latest Covid-19 Patient

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China

The person who tested positive for coronavirus last week is a 6-year-old boy, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

Browne said the boy apparently contracted the disease from his grandmother taking the number of people to test positive for COVID-19 to 25.

The family of the grandmother has been under quarantine for nearly two weeks now and they are expected to be released soon.

Browne said the boy tested positive for the disease because of his closeness to his grandmother.

There are seven active positive cases two of whom remain at the hospital on ventilators.

“We are hoping that they will continue to do well and that at some point they will be taken off the ventilators,” he said.

Three people have died from COVID-19 in Antigua & Barbuda. Browne told radio that the COVID-19 situation “has stabilised and his definitely manageable.”

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  1. Not so bad after all. Thanks god. Now we have the economy to deal with. I notice the supermarkets have increased their food price.

  2. Did they ever test ALL of the 9 sudden deaths?

    Now the are reopening to tourism and admit tourist might bring more disease here.


  3. Not so bad after all, Wadad1 ? You’re crazy! Did you hear the patient is 6 years old? Man, I guess you don’t have little people around!ay God grant speedy recovery to all the suffering and defence for the frontliners!

    • He as crazy as the damn leader who RUSHING to get shit in order to open for business as though the lives of the NATIVES don’t mean a thing. I’m sick of being here now because OUR LEADERS have taken leave of their senses. You’d think to hear a CHILD falling ill to covid would make them pump brakes and not be hasty to open ANU but NO because he eat sleep dream MONEY. SICK AH DEM AND THE CHUPIT SUPPORTERS THAT SAY E ALRITE HE KNOW WAH HE A DO… NO THE F**K HE DOESN’T.

    • @socrates thought the same thing now that its spreading to the kids its even more terrifying

  4. Now at this time prices have increased. Why is it so when some items are not from a new shipment? People are scrunting to feed families with no income and that is all some business places, especially the supermarkets can do? Price control, please get up and visit the supermarkets especially and take a note of their wicked acts and act accordingly. No friends in business now, just bring a charge if you have to. Waiting to see justice

  5. We just had one more case added to our list, so what does that say, open the country wider? What is going on, our lives are not valued any more? What is the PM saying, who dead bury? It seems to him as business is important than life. Well what a nation !!

    • My wish is for someone who is calling for a stimulus package to be enacted in Antigua to pinpoint one country that would presented such package where its citizens does not pay PERSONAL INCOME TAX/PAYE? Just to be clear, I am in full support of a stimulus package. However, I find it frivolous for persons to be looking for such a package when MOST people in Antigua either refuse or evade to pay taxes unless mandatory deducted from salaries.

  6. I agree overwhelmingly with said comments that the economy is a priority, which requires a tactful response to ensure the continual revenue flow within the nation; the government should provide aid/ financial assistance ( initiate a stimulus package) to sustain fiscal drawbacks for the people of ANU due to the COV-19 pandemic shutdown. Social distancing must remain in effect with cautionary measures in place to ensure a smooth transition to reopen the economy. Equally, the health of the nation – it’s people; are the most essential asset; front- line health practitioners, and essential workers must be prepared and protected: the government should freely safeguard these individuals by further providing them with PPE to combat the spread of the virus. The government must not rush to re-open, but should seek to understand definitively how to treat this virus, how to secure the natives welfare from future transmissions and must learn the implications that will follow. Widespread literature is available as to how to manage the spread of the virus, needed medical supplies, known essential vitamins / diets as well as medication suggestions are known to the larger public and should be reinforced so that safety protocols are adhered to. As far as the treatment regimen for Coronavirus as indicated- antibiotics, antivirals, anticoagulants medications and boosting the immune system should be the focus message to the natives. Proper management by the government and the ministry of health is imperative to safeguard the security of the nation. ANU healthcare system needs to be updated, the government need to implement heavy investments into dural medical equipment, reeducation and building infrastructures to enhance its healthcare system; the natives has suffered long enough due to callous negligence, poor leadership and mismanagement. The focus is to retrain health care personnel, motivate/ educate people on disease processes, problem solving and healthcare awareness. To many innocent people has died frivolously as a result of lack of resources in our healthcare system. This awakening of the Cov-19 virus should infuse more intense analysis and innovation to the betterment of providing ANU with adequate medical resources and compassionate care with a renewed commitment for its larger population. It’s time to invest into the people of ANU overall health- the future of a nation is not merely building better infrastructure but advancing healthier environments, balance lifestyles and a healthy productive population.

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