Six people arrested and charged for being outside after curfew


Glen Strann, 30yrs old of DeSouza Road and 42yr old years old Cemona James of Seaview Farm were stopped by police on Sir George Walter Highway on Monday, outside the curfew period and were arrested and charged.

Also, Ita M. King of Golden Grove Village was stopped by members of the COVID-19 Curfew Compliance Joint Task Force on Factory Road after midnight on Tuesday 19th January. She was arrested and charged for breach of curfew.

Similarly, Franklin Williams of Nut Grove was found driving with an expired driver’s license outside the curfew period after 1:00 am on Tuesday in Golden Grove. He was arrested and charged for the offences.

Meanwhile, Oscar Thomas and Kareem Nicholas both of Johnson’s Village appeared before Chief Magistrate Walsh on Monday, charged with breaching curfew regulations.

They pleaded guilty and were fined $500.00 each to be paid on or before 25th January, 2021. In default they will spend one month at Her Majesty’s Prison.

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  1. One would always hope that the same law would apply to everyone regardless of who you are and whom are your parents or relations. Sad to say, that is not how justice works in this small nation.

    Law enforcement must remember also that there is HIGHER power that they will have to answer to.
    When videos of party boats are seen with certain people obviously going against the regulations in place and nothing is being done to hold them accountable; it is quite clear that the law is double-minded and bias.
    Our politrickians enslave the people economically, politically, socially and mentally.

    Such are the times in which we live. Some only speak out against perceived wrongs when it strikes at the heart of their livelihood….their pockets. All else could “ketch” hell as far as they are concerned. I must remind these people that every man shall give account for the stewardship of this life. No one will be exempt.
    You can party now, my friend….but remember that a day of reckoning is fast approaching. Will you still party then or will you cry for help ? It may be too late.
    It was such a disgrace to see how those young ladies (and men) were behaving on the party boat. Do you not have any sort of pride in how you behave ? No decency. Definitely…the heart of men/women have become so corrupted and evil. SHAMEFUL ! DISGRACEFUL !
    The justice of the Creator will be fair and righteous. No politricking….no family ties or friends can save us.
    So be warned, my friends.


    • On some levels I agree with you, BUT I am tired of the same old story that everyone puts forward. We ALL have individual responsibility to follow the rules. If we are put back into shutdown or earlier curfew, we have one one to blame but ourselves. We are the ones that flaunt the rules (tourist or not). We are the ones not wearing the masks properly (tourists or not). We are the ones not adhering to social testing (tourist or not). We all have the excuse that because so and so does it, then so can I. Well tell that to the judge and see what the outcome is. If your friend says let’s jump off Devil’s Bridge do we follow? At the end of the day when so and so does it and gets COVID, the people who followed the rules can hopefully says “I didn’t get it because I followed the rules”.

      The so called big shots out there who brag that they can flaunt the rules and get away with it just prove that they are nothing but arrogant A-holes.

    • “When videos of party boats are seen with certain people obviously going against the regulations in place and nothing is being done to hold them accountable; it is quite clear that the law is double-minded and bias.”

      This doesn’t show that the law is double-minded and biased. It just shows how inconsiderate people are. It bothers me when people shrug off their responsibility onto the “law”. We know we are not to do it but we do it anyway and them blame the “law” for not holding them accountable. The same people will now say that they are doing to keep people employed right? We say the Government sacrifices the health of the people for money, but truth be told we all do it. Where does the buck stop? When we are placed back into another lock down we ALL have to take responsibility for our actions; not just the “law” and the government.

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