Sir Ryan Says He Never Wanted To Go To Court Over Global Ports Deal

Sir George Ryan

Sir George Ryan is suggesting that it was never his wish to take the government to court over the controversial Global Ports deal.

He is one of the plaintiffs in the matter.

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Gaston Browne called on Ryan to explain the reasons behind his decision to take the government to court in a lawsuit filed by attorney-at-law Harold Lovell.

Browne suggested it was unstatesmanlike for Sir George to get involved in a matter like that having recently been knighted.

But speaking on ZDK Radio today Ryan appeared to be distancing himself from the legal action.

“And I was approached and asked,” Ryan said.

He indicated that the reason he was given for the lawsuit was to secure the best deal for the country.

“Not that I say come let’s go to court with government, no I didn’t do that,” the businessman said.

“Well I didn’t go put it you know, they came to me with my name and they asked me if I have any objection…”

Sir George owns land in the Nevis Street area but PM Browne has said that it won’t be needed for the developments planned by Global Ports under its deal with the government.

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  1. Poor George, Now everyone knows what a dummy you really are. Having being lucky in business and accumulated lots of wealth along the way doesn’t really mean that you are an intellect. You let the fox Harold Bamboozle you so easy.

  2. Something is strange here. It does not surprise me at all. Deceivers, deceivers and more deceivers.

  3. is Sir Ryan saying that chaki hoodwinked him… My good friend and longtime car body man chakie please get yourself out of this mess this statement along done lost the case

  4. This is NOT a good look for Lovell. Trying to hoodwink an elderly man for political mischief? wow! That’s a new low but nor surprising at all. What about the taxidriver? Did Chalkie read the fineprint? Maybe ANR needs to interview him to get his take on it too.

    already added George Ryan name to the document and THEN approaching him? What kind of LAWYER does that?

  5. Since this is a legal matter and going to court. What right or stupidity is Gaston employing by approaching a plaintiff and questioning them?. A knighthood is given when a person has accomplished something of great value for his country or civilisation, it’s not a tool to silence people or a bag of sweets to take back.

  6. Is George Ryan losing his marbles? I guess wealth doesn’t translate into wisdom.

    Allowing political operatives to make a puppet out of him like that.

    In his twilight years, that’s how he wants to be remembered? For being used, bamboozled and duped by a failed UPP leader?

  7. “Sir George owns land in the Nevis Street area but PM Browne has said that it won’t be needed for the developments planned by Global Ports under its deal with the government.”

    So if the land in question owned by Mr. Ryan is not needed by GPH, what is he taking the gov’t to court about? I’m hella confused.

    At least he was honest in saying that he didn’t want to; that he was approached. He is at that age where people tend to give serious thought to their mortality, so I guess he wants to be ready to meet Jesus (if he believes in Him) or the “Great Architect of the Universe” (as believed by Hiram Abiff disciples)

    He is being honest. Lamin Newton too.

  8. Poor Georgie u got bamboolze by Harry ‘Failure’ Lovell and Co. Georgie u need fu learn Harry & Co only care about 1 thing that is getting back in power no matter what 😂

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