Sir Robin Recovering Well, No Life-Threatening Illness, Says PM Browne



Prime Minister Gaston Browne has addressed recent rumors about the health of Sir Robin, providing a reassuring update to the public.

In a statement, Browne dispelled unfounded claims about Sir Robin’s condition, emphasizing that he is not facing any life-threatening illnesses.


Listen to the short clip below from Pointe FM:

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  1. It’s really sad to see members of the upp wishing for the demise of our honorable sir Robin. People like Allex Browne and knight should be shame especially spreading propaganda about icu etc. just lies on top of lies. We should pass a law that tackles misinformation,disinformation and fake news

  2. Great news that stalwarts like Robin Yearwood and Hilson Baptist are both recovering well from their life-threatening illnesses.

    Godvl is good 🙏🏽

  3. That’s not any consolation for the family and friends of Lester Bird who you peddled to keep you in power, when you fully well knew that he was not in good health. You only prove how wicked and unscrupulous you are.

  4. @ UPP members are too DAMN wicked. UPP members Wishing the demise of Sir Robin. As Hon. Gaston Browne said on POINTE FM (BROWN and BROWNE ) that Serpent is plagued with lots of illnesses ,so They can continue calling wolf.

    St. Phillips North primary was FANTASTIC. Randy Baltimore kicked asses. As Senate Colin referred to Him ( TATA ALEX BROWN ) of UPP can never win St. Phillips North.

    For election 2028 ABLP will add to Their nine seats, ST. GOERGE , ST. PHILLIPS SOUTH , ALL SAINTS WEST and ST.JOHNS RURAL WEST. Therefore ABLP will win 13 SEATS

  5. It time to call the PRIMARY in ST. GEORGE ‘ S , JOEL RAYNE is the man with the plan for St. George’s . Hon. Gaston Browne We must take back that seat. JOEL RAYNE is the MAN with the plan.

  6. @ St John’s times

    You see how u minions like to peddle CHIT ? If I was Alex or Mr Knight and you produce your full name and address I would sue you.

    You guys just want to make the UPP look bad- how can anyone glory in someone else’s sickness or death.
    Evil think as evil does, just as some of you sang the hallelujah chorus when brother B got a stroke!

  7. @ GILES

    It’s now 13 and not 17?

    Y’all losing hope.

    Still wonder how you guys sleep at night after ‘tiefing’ the election so blatantly and pronouncing it.

  8. Sir Robin is loved by many because he gave people a chance to say what they had to say. If he didn’t likit he would respond but no love was lost. But age is honor and once a man twice a child, let mryearwood enjoy his grandchildren and the anglonubian pets


    KNIGHT, SERPENT and TATA ALEX BROWNE always calling for the demise of Sir Robin. All Three of these UPP OPERATIVES are in WORST shape than Sir Robin.

    ANTI MAN KNIGHT is the worst.

  10. Says the pathological liar. Absolutely NOTHING Gaston Browne says is credible. Nothing. What, Antigua and Barbuda does not have an information minister?
    The audacity of the DAWG calling people wicked. Go back in history minions and you will see that some of the greatest scandals, mysterious deaths and blatant lawlessness were perpetrated by ALP.
    This clown hid a sick Lester Bird to win an election, what makes anyone but a gullible, semi-illiterate dunce, believe this liar?
    He shakes in his shoes,dreading another bi-election that could take his power away. That’s the reality folks.
    Our country is rotten to the core from the DAWG to the lowest minion, because the people love to have it so.

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